Monday Nights Are Fun!

Culinary explorations for the evening included:

Strawberry Soup.  Michael liked it…


Followed by whole grain couscous, summer button squash and grilled turkey breasts.  It may look funny but it tasted great!

Paired with sparkling water and a little white wine.  🙂


City Church CG Retreat & Christie’s Shower!

Although it was a fabulous weekend, it feels so nice coming home after being away.  (It’s amazing how quickly a little apartment in a new high-rise in a new city can feel like home.)

This weekend Michael and I went down to Monterey, CA for our church’s “Community Group (CG) Leaders Retreat.”  Michael co-leads a mens’ CG with a good friend of his, Brendon, so the guys wanted to go to the retreat.  Brendon’s wife, Julie, and I were “founders” of a women’s group, so although we aren’t really CG leaders, we went along too.

The retreat was a great learning experience and a really fun way to get more plugged into our church — getting to know the pastors, staff and other leaders within the body.  We learned a lot about the mission of the church, the role that we can play in that, and we enjoyed some pretty amazing wine (thanks Hal!!).

We had a little bit of down time on Saturday afternoon, so Michael and I took the 17 Mile Drive and checked out Pebble Beach and a little peak into Carmel.

On the way back we made a stop in Menlo Park for me to attend a friend, Christie’s bridal shower!  The shower was held over tea at an adorable tea room and it was such a sweet gathering of friends and family.

Now it’s off to doing laundry and getting settled back in before another week begins.  Love, Ashley

Here We Go…Again!

I tried this once before.  Blogging.  I think I posted twice during the first week and then never again.  But, inspired by friends whose blogs I love to read, I’m starting over and trying again!  I’m sure I won’t be the most regular poster in the world, but how fun will it be, years from now, to look back at this record of our life, our friendships, our days…

So here’s to making memories!  Thanks for joining the journey!