Apartment Tour: Master Bedroom

Much like the rest of our apartment, the master bedroom is itty-bitty.  As a general rule, bedrooms are smaller here since they are big fans of the built-in closets.  Anyway, we couldn’t fit all of our furniture in our room but we have come up with an arrangement that works for us.  Here is our room.

Since getting settled, our bedroom has gone through two big changes.

1) Mosquito Net.  We live pretty close to a big park so I think we get a few more bugs than usual.  But we also don’t have air conditioning so when it’s 97 outside, you want to open your windows and get a breeze coming through.  This creates the problem.  One night I was woken up by mosquitos buzzing in my ear 4 times and I woke up in the morning with 8 bites on my face and 9 elsewhere for a total of 17.  So…that was kind of the last straw.  Our dear friends actually had an extra mosquito net so we snagged it immediately and now sleep under this little guy, safe & sound.

2) Although many São Paulo apartments don’t have AC, we started getting a little worried when we were hitting record high temperatures for the city back in October (the equivalent of April in the US).  Fearing not being able to sleep during the summer months, we looked into installing AC in the apartment.  Not surprisingly though, it was too involved and therefore was not approved by our landlord.  So, we bought a portable AC unit for our bedroom.  It is quite unattractive but worth every second of the ugly as it makes sleeping at night so much better.

So that’s it!