On 5 Years of Marriage

Every year on our anniversary I look back at pictures from that special weekend and day. Today while I was looking at them, the emotions really came back – how I was feeling that day, getting ready with my girlfriends, about to walk down the aisle to say “I do.” I think back to that girl getting dressed in white, feeling excited, nervous, and truthfully a little afraid. And if I could tell her what I know now, what would I say?

Sweet girl – take a deep breath and savor this day. Walking down that aisle will, for you, signify walking into the greatest earthly blessing that God could ever have for you. Michael is not just who you think he is – he is so much more. He is a treasure that you will continue to discover with each passing day. You have no idea how lucky you really are, but over the days and months and years ahead, as you move across the country and across the world together, as you watch him be a father to your children, as he loves and cares for you daily, you will come to understand it more and more. Life together will be a great adventure and it will be more fun than you can imagine. Sweet girl, don’t walk but RUN down the aisle to marry that man. The journey ahead is truly magical.



Michael, thank you for the past 5 years – I am so blessed to walk through this life by your side. It’s so much better than I could have known. Here’s to a lifetime together and then longer than that. exit