Lillian’s Second Month

Lillian Mary, this Wednesday you turned 2 months old Precious One!IMG_E0546IMG_E0497

Lillian Developments: You are a big, healthy, perfect little girl. As of your appointment Friday morning, here are your stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 2.5 oz (74%)
Height: 23.75″ (95%)
Clothes: 3 months
Diapers: We’re finishing out our stash of Size 1 then will head to Size 2 in a week or so.

You are such a sweet, fun, perfect baby Lillian. You are very engaged with people and the world around you, tracking objects and faces. You are smiling more each day – sometimes almost laughing and kicking your legs when you get excited. IMG_0344IMG_E0298IMG_E0220IMG_0321IMG_E9913

Not much baby acne. A little cradle cap around your eyebrows but perfect little head. Eyes looking like they’ll stay blue. Your hair is thinning out as you continue to loose some of your baby hair but a bow can make any day a good hair day. IMG_9863IMG_0572IMG_0355IMG_0363

You are getting so strong on tummy time – really propping yourself up (the doctor was quite impressed!) – but as soon as your neck gets tired you are over it, never wanting to just rest on your tummy.

You have loved bath time from Day 1 and this continues. This month we moved you from the kitchen sink to the actual bath tub and just put you on a big sponge – never got a baby bathtub for you.

Eating: Not much new here. You nurse 6 times/day for 5-10 minutes/side and always have a few really big spit-ups each day. GMFLE3494You also like to do your business while you’re feeding – especially the blow outs. So, thanks…IMG_E0568IMG_E0452

We’ve given you a bottle a couple times this month but we need to be doing it more because you take them OK but it’s definitely not as easy as nursing.

Sleep: Best. Sleeper. Ever. This month you stopped waking up during the nights so we moved you out of our room into your crib in the nursery. We lay you down each night around 10:15 pm. You’re still awake but we get you swaddled up, turn on your sound machine and give you a paci. We walk out of the room and don’t hear a peep from you all night. I am generally waking you up around 7:30 am to feed and start the day so I think you actually want to start going to bed earlier to sleep longer at night. We’re trying to figure out how to adjust the schedule 30 minutes earlier or maybe drop a feed soon? Not sure… IMG_0377RCKB5998TPBD7853IMG_E9837IMG_9840

Schedule: At around 5 weeks you started moving your middle-of-the-night feed to 5:30/6 am and by 6 weeks we had totally moved to a 7:30 am wakeup. I tried just dropping that night feed and keeping our same daytime schedule but you seemed to still want 6 feeds/day so we readjusted the schedule a bit and here is where we are now.

7:30 am Feed 1
10:45 am Feed 2
1:45 pm Feed 3
4:45 pm Feed 4 then short awake time followed by a longer nap.
7:15 pm Feed 5 then basically stay awake for the remainder of your day.
9:15 pm Feed 6 then change diaper, get wrapped up and go to sleep (in crib by 10:15 pm) IMG_9930

Here is a screenshot from my nursing app (Baby Connect). Looking at it now, I notice that the one night that you were fussy and I fed you during the night (midnight), there is not an evening feed recorded. I know we had been out and about all day that day and been out to dinner that evening but I am pretty sure I DID remember to feed you when we got home, however…kind of suspicious that the one night you demanded to be fed during the night I don’t have her last evening feed recorded… Oops!


Fun from the month:

My first Mother’s Day with 3! A fun night away with you and Dad to Virginia wine country then big brunch with your brothers, Gigi, Pasha and Uncle Brad.IMG_0418IMG_0445IMG_0373

Daily sweetness:IMG_0598IMG_9920PQUL0980IMG_9945IMG_0262IMG_0265IMG_9880IMG_0162IMG_0168IMG_9871Your first Nats game!IMG_E0044

MomIMG_9862At this point I am feeling good and am basically recovered from the birth. With the boys I hung onto about 5 extra lbs for the 13 months that I nursed but with you I seem to be keeping a little more. I’m trying to be patient with myself and my body as the “return” process just feels a little slower this third time around.

Your dad has been traveling a lot lately too – mostly for work – and this has felt like more of a push for me. We are doing fine but it often feels like there just aren’t any margins. This is true of the logistics of our every day and also just true of my capacity.

But in the midst of all of that there is so much joy and LOVE. Our family is filled with love and I am SO in love with you, Lillian. I pray that as you grow, your life would be marked by love. That you would receive the love of God poured out for you in Christ Jesus and that the Spirit of love would overflow from you to everyone in your path. I LOVE YOU Lil!


2 thoughts on “Lillian’s Second Month

  1. She is so beautiful! And I am insanely jealous of her sleeping schedule! Can’t WAIT to meet her in less than a month!!!

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