Bolted Down

One of our pastors was recently preaching on “The Wise & Foolish Builders” (Matthew 7:24-29 and Luke 6:46-49), talking about how we build our lives on the foundation of Christ and the Gospel.  He gave the analogy of how any buildings that are constructed in San Francisco literally have their foundations bolted into the ground, hundreds of feet below the surface, and how the ones that are bolted down to a firm foundation are much stronger than even those that are just built on top of a good foundation.

It made me think to times in my life when my faith was really bolted down and to the people who influenced that.  I thought back to Wofford College and to Kelli Kirkland Mayfield, to all of the hours upon hours she spent with me, bolting me down.  To all of the fun times and to all of the hard conversations that we had as she walked with me and helped guide me.  I thought back to the days and nights that she spent on her knees beside me on the floor in my dorm room praying, often through tears, for me and loved ones in my life.  And what an eternal impact all of that made on me.

It’s challenging to think — what am I doing to help secure and solidify others in their faith in Christ?  I pray that I will be used in this way throughout my life.  And I pray that even in passing, I would live in such a way to at least encourage others towards Him.

Love you KKM!

Sophomore year at Wofford

One thought on “Bolted Down

  1. Ash–I often think back to the bombshelter days and what an influence YOU had (and still have) on ME! Your love for the Lord is evident and it is so encouraging. I pray we will be in the same city again one day! 🙂

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