Sunday in Napa

So this is part 3 of 4 of my Labor Day Weekend series of posts.  🙂  In true Harper style, we packed a lot in!

On Sunday we headed up to one of my FAVORITE places in the entire world…Napa Valley.  My heart is just happy in Napa.  My entire being is happy in Napa.  Part of the reason I have such a love for Napa mightbe because this is where Michael and I honeymooned.  But honestly, it is so incredible I think I would feel this way no matter what.

Our first stop was for a tasting at Duckhorn Vineyard.  The setting was gorgeous and all of the wine was amazing, but one Cab stood out to us among the rest so we took home a bottle of the Monitor Ledge for a special occasion.

Next stop was at Alpha Omega.  They had a delicious and very unique rosé that we picked up but possibly their most memorable wine was a chardonnay that seriously tasted like cream soda.  Wine is so funny.

After Alpha Omega we headed to our FAVORITE restaurant in all the world…Bottega!  Michael and I first went to Bottega on the first night on our honeymoon.  Two of Michael’s friends had gotten us dinner there as a wedding gift (thank you Mike & Matty!) and it turned out to be so incredible that we go back as often as we can.  (We even ordered those cups you see in the photo – ha!)

Then we were off to Pt. Reyes!  More on that in the next post.  Cheers!

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