Farewell Christie (for a bit)!

Our dear friend Christie is about to enter into a fun, crazy season of life that is full of traveling.  She is helping set up & establish call-centers for Facebook all over the world, and therefore is about to be gone from SF until the end of December!  We are so sad that we won’t be seeing her for the next few months, so before she headed out, Christie and her fabulous husband Troy had a little send-off dinner party at their apartment.  It was so wonderful getting to spend a little more time with them and our friends Mike & Moira, enjoy amazing food, great wine, and watch an exciting Game 6 of the World series.  Onto the photos!

Troy and Christie

Mike Saign & me

Harper & Moira

Clean-up crew!

One thought on “Farewell Christie (for a bit)!

  1. Looks like such a fun evening with great friends! I know you all will miss Christie, but what an exciting adventure she is about to embark on soon!!

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