Baker & Banker = Heaven

I am so lucky that I married a romantic guy.  I didn’t really know I would like to be romanced so much but when you’re with someone, umm, permanently, it’s kind of nice.  On our 1 1/2 year anniversary (I know, major milestone that everyone celebrates, right?), Michael handed me a card before he walked out the door.  It was the sweetest note I have ever received and at the end he invited me out for a Friday night dinner-date.  Now, our anniversary was actually while my grandparents were in town, so we delayed the date a couple of weeks.

Aside from being romantic, Michael just generally loves surprises (for himself and for others), so he kept the restaurant a secret.  I am terrible with surprises (for myself and for others), so I started guessing incessantly.  Why can’t I just sit back and enjoy it?  I have no idea.  But I can’t.  So Michael made it into a guessing game.  I received hints throughout the day on Friday including: 1) I had never been before, 2) It is on SF Eater’s “Top 38 Restaurants,” 3) It is run by a husband & wife duo and 4) The name includes a past profession of mine (I was once a baker for a summer YoungLife camp — shout out Timberwolf Lake summer ’05!).  Now, I should have been able to easily guess after clue #3, but I jumped to a guess without doing much homework and blew it.  Oh yeah, did I mention I was only allowed 1 guess per clue?  Anyway, I was at the office as my clues were being delivered so I enlisted the help of coworkers (what else is there to do on Friday anyway?), and we came up with it.  Baker & Banker.

San Francisco is FULL of amazing restaurants — the entire city is like one giant culinary experience — so I am always excited to try new ones, but by this point I’m pretty used to amazing food.  Baker & Banker literally blew me away and even after just one night, it’s easily in my top 3 favorite restaurants in the city.  The ambiance was a perfect blend of cozy and sophisticated, the service was amazing (our waitress had been there since they opened and she knew the menu inside & out and gave fabulous recommendations), and the food was Out. Of. This. World.  Seriously.

We started with a champagne to toast ourselves (naturally).  Then we each had an appetizer an entree, and shared a bottle of wine and dessert.  Every moment was heavenly.

Starting off the evening with a toast - to 1 1/2 years of marriage and many more to come 🙂


Dessert! Apple Crisp TO DIE FOR!!!!! Maybe the best thing all night.


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