The 2nd Annual…

HARPER HOLIDAY HOORAH (& “Farewell, We’re Moving to Brazil!”) Party was this past Saturday.  It was a wonderful gathering of great friends, tasty treats, and lots of Christmas cheer.

One of the major highlights of the party is the gift exchange that is always full of surprises and hilarity.

Julie and Brendon with the legendary Shake Weight! Obviously this was quickly stolen away.

          Leah excited about her cushion massager


Michael Patrick Saign receiving applause from the crowd as he takes his ICE like a champ!


Some of Michael's "guys group" including DP, Sean, Brendon, Ethan, Harper (in his "festive-host scarf") and Thomas

Michael & me hanging out by the fire at the end of the night. Please note I am sporting the fabulous Santa earrings made by the one and only Clare Fincher of "I-D-Clare" -- thanks Nan! 🙂

All night I couldn’t stop looking around at all of our friends and thinking how blessed our time in San Francisco has been.  I am so thankful to God for the incredible people who He has put in our lives and for the amazing experiences we have had living here.  Although it is going to be very difficult to leave all that we have here, I pray and trust that God is preparing the path ahead of us as we soon open a new chapter and embark on a new journey.

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