What are we waiting for?!

Some of you may be wondering, “What are they waiting for?  Why aren’t they in Brazil already?  What’s going on?”  Well, to help answer these questions that are no doubt keeping you up at night, here is a little update on the status of the move…

We are all ready to make the move and are just waiting on one final detail…our VISAS.  Such a process but the short story is that the expected timeline is for them to be approved late January (at the latest) so we are hoping that we’re in Sao Paulo by Feb. 1.  However, because the approval could literally come any day now, we made the decision to go ahead and leave our apartment in SF when our lease ended Jan. 7 and we’re now staying with Michael’s parents in Phoenix as we wait.  (Thanks Sharon and Ollie!!)

We separated our belongings into 3 groups
1) Stuff that we are packing on our person = 4 checked bags, 2 carry on bags and 2 backpacks — mostly clothes, computers, necessities
2) Stuff that will be air-shipped to us and will probably arrive a few weeks after we arrive in Brazil = 11 boxes — more clothes, shoes, and random other items we may want/need as we wait for…
3) EVERYTHING else that will travel on an ocean freight.  Average wait-time on receiving these items is around 3 MONTHS due to Brazilian customs — c-r-a-z-y.  (I just heard of someone who waited 8 months on their shipment so crossing my fingers for just 3.)
(As we wait for the visas to be approved, the air and sea shipment is being held by our movers and they will send it out as soon as we are approved.)

A lot of people ask if we know where we’ll live once we arrive in Sao Paulo.  The answer is yes and no.  When we arrive, we will start out in furnished, corporate housing.  In fact, I think we will be staying at the George V Hotel in Itaim.  What do you think of it???  I think it looks kind of cool.  During this time we will look for an apartment into which we’ll move once our stuff gets there!  (Again, est. time 3 months)

So…it’s all a little up in the air at this point but we’re making the best of it.  Michael is able to work remotely and I am working full time on studying Portuguese.  🙂  We are enjoying spending time with his family and I will actually get to make one more quick trip home next week too.  That being said, if you have any good books to recommend…now is a great time!  🙂

OK friends – thanks for caring about us!  xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “What are we waiting for?!

  1. hey I just found your blog! So fun! I know the visa part sucks, hope it goes faster and you guys get it soon! Also, let me know if you need anything at all! Ironically, I have given english classes to someone staying at this hotel so I know exactly how it is! 🙂

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