Friends, Family & Coxinhas!

Michael and I have been having a blast getting to know the city a little more each day, and the best parts have been the friends, family and a few good coxinhas along the way.  Check it out…

Michael and Joe, running in Parque do Povo. We are so lucky to have family here. Joe has been absolutely amazing, welcoming us to SP.

Mikey's first day of! Lookin' sharp Michael!

Church at the beautiful Paróquia Nossa Senhora do Brasil -- It is a Brazilian church so everything is Portuguese but this church has very detailed programs with most of the liturgy, so that helped us follow along.

Beer and coxinhas at the BEST coxinha spot in SP - Veloso!! With Joe, Sara and Jake (friends of Joe's and ours from SF!), and a new friend, Tom. Seriously, I could have stayed there all day.

Culminating in a big gathering of new, ex-pat friends who came out to welcome us to SP  (thanks to April for organizing)!  We met up at Cervejaria Nacional and ended the night at  at Pe de Manga.  Such a great group from all over, with whom we got connected through: friends of friends, friends of Joe’s, blog-stalking, etc.  I think we met about 15 new people on Saturday but below is a good chunk of the group.

Back (L-R): April, Jana, Michael, Suzanna, Jami, Jeff, Alex. Front: Divya, me, Nick, Jeff


4 thoughts on “Friends, Family & Coxinhas!

  1. I loved seeing the church, and I am not sure whether it is the one you went to your first Sunday there, or is it a new one. It looks like you are aquiring a big group of friends. It so exciting to hear of all the great things you and Michael are doing! Love, Nan & Pa

    • Hi Nan and Papa! We have gone to 3 different churches so far (2 Sundays and 1 on Ash Wednesday). We plan to check out a few more and then hope to be able to commit to one. I love and miss you two so much! xoxoxo

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