Quarter Century

Monday was my 25th birthday.  I understand that this is still very young, but it was weird to realize that I’m a quarter of a CENTURY old.  I feel pretty good about the past 25 years though.  Pretty THANKFUL for the work that God has done in my life.  For bringing me into the world into a fabulous, loving family (my mom almost cried on the phone with me as she remembered back to “that special day”), for opening the eyes of my heart and bringing me into a relationship with Him, for bringing so many special people and experiences into my life, and for bringing me the most amazing man on earth to call my husband.

Speaking of the husband, he did a pretty awesome job making sure I felt celebrated on my birthday.  Michael started the morning by surprising me with breakfast and presents in bed.  It was a very happy sight to wake up to.  And he bought me a sweet, 25-year birthday card…that we later realized was a 25 year ANNIVERSARY card.  But it’s OK.  I know that on my birthday Michael likes to reminisce about the years of memories that we have shared…

A friend of his from Phoenix is actually in Sao Paulo this week and brought down a suitcase full of presents from Michael and his family in the states.  (My mama sent a package by mail last week so this will be a great experiment of Brazil’s postal system!)  It was all a total surprise and then after opening the “real presents,” Michael told me to open the suitcase and let me tell you, I almost lost my mind — it was filled with grits, mac & cheese, fruit snacks, peanut butter, girl scout cookies…and all kinds of amazingness that we can’t get here!!  wooohooo!

He also surprised me with these beautiful flowers.

Michael planned a lunch date for us at one of the best coxinha spots in the city since one of the only things I asked for on my birthday was to be able to eat coxinhas all day long without any judgement.  🙂  And these coxhinas were AMAZING.
Later in the afternoon Michael called and sent me on a little scavenger hunt in our apartment to find another gift that he had hidden for me — a beautiful JCrew blouse below!  (Good job picking it out!)  For dinner we went out for sushi and it was incredible.
After dinner, I got to talk to Brad, Suzanne and sweet little Augusta Clare on Skype and seeing them all was another wonderful birthday gift!!
And a birthday is never complete without a little dessert at the end of the night, right?
Thanks to everyone for all of the sweet messages, emails, surprise phone calls, and gifts.  I was truly overwhelmed by the blessing of being surrounded by such love.

5 thoughts on “Quarter Century

  1. “…one of the only things I asked for on my birthday was to be able to eat coxinhas all day long without any judgement.”

    Hah! I adore you. No wonder we get along. So glad to hear your day was fabulous! Prepare yourself for a celebratory drink this weekend 🙂

    ps. I think my husband should regularly hang out with yours… props to Michael for being so thoughtful on your big day!

  2. Hi, Ashley….
    I’ve known your Dad and Uncle Barrie forever and have only just gotten a computer…(at 68, my husband and I were in the dark ages). We met once in Newberry when we stopped by on our way to Myrtle Beach but we have kept up with you and your family through Mick..The birthday photos are wonderful!!! We wish you joy-filled days in Brazil…

    Warm regards,
    Sandee Woolley

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