At the Copa…

Last week I took my first trip to the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro.  Michael’s law firm was throwing a couple of big parties to announce the opening of their new office here in São Paulo, and last Thursday’s party was in Rio.  And not just in Rio, but at THE Copacabana Palace.

At the Copa, Copacabana

So even though Michael and I are going back to Rio in 2 weeks (when his family visits!!!), we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for me to join him on this trip as well.  It’s just not everyday that you get to stay at the Copacabana, right??

Michael was actually called to Rio on some “emergency” work meetings ahead of time and flew there last Monday, so Thursday morning I met up with his coworkers in São Paulo and flew with them to Rio for the party that night.  It was really interesting meeting people from his firm because partners from Jones Day offices all over the world (Germany, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, DC, San Francisco, Dallas, an Argentine native who is practicing in Atlanta, and obviously Brazil) came to celebrate the opening of the São Paulo office.  Lots of languages being spoken!  But everyone was incredibly nice.

Speaking of incredibly nice, the party that they threw was awesome!  I wish I had more photos but for some reason I only took a picture of the Caipirinha station at the bar.  Although it was pretty impressive.  The bartender made me the best Caipirinha I’ve had yet…

Thursday night at the office opening party -- the amazing Caipirinha station

During his week in Rio, Michael ended up having to work around the clock (I’m talking, 18 hour days the entire week) but I didn’t let that stop me.  Friday morning I headed off on a little tour with the other Jones Day folks and the first stop was the Christ the Redeemer statue.  The fog was seriously San Francisco style so we couldn’t see much of the city below, but the statue was pretty stunning in itself.

Christ the Redeemer statue -- 130 feet tall, 98 feet across

Next we stopped for lunch at an amazing spot in Santa Teresa called Aprazivel.  It was such a unique atmosphere – reminded me of eating in a tree house (albeit a really nice tree house!).  Here is a quick virtual tour of the place.

Restaurante Aprazivel

Appetizer: Hearts of palm -- in the palm!

I left the tour early to take care of a couple of travel logistics and quickly found my way to the pool.

Copacabana Poolside

And the remainder of the trip was a lot like that.  At least for me.  Someone else was working the whole time…

The beaches of Rio

Pina Colada + Strawberry Daiquiri = Amazing. Seriously.

Rio Beaches

By Sunday, Michael was exhausted and ready to take off.  I’m hopeful that our next trip we’ll see more of the beach, more of Rio and more of each other.  But, I can’t complain about my first trip.

Driving to the airport. Be back soon, Rio!

4 thoughts on “At the Copa…

  1. Sounds an awful lot like my first trip to Rio… the husband worked his tail off while I explored and sat on the beach 🙂 Great pictures lady!

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