Super Fabulous

A couple of weeks ago, I went back to the US (South Carolina) for the first time since moving to Brazil.  It was a wonderful trip full of family-time, eating shrimp & grits, and loading up on cheap goods from Bed Bath & Beyond, but the REASON I went home, was to be a bridesmaid in Cyrus and Cory’s wedding.  I have a ton of family photos that I want to share from my trip, but their wedding was so super-fabulous, it had to be its own post.

I first met Cyrus over 10 years ago when I was 14 years old.  He won me over immediately and soon sunk his claws into me and convinced me to do my first pageant.  Although the first one was a complete embarrassment, Cyrus ended up carrying me through Miss South Carolina and on to the top 15 at Miss USA.  For me, that was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I can absolutely say I never would have had without him.

Cyrus is such a special person.  I think that one of his greatest gifts (aside from pageant genius) is being able to celebrate people for exactly who they are.  He finds the best in you and makes it shine.  (And he finds the rough places and tells you to wear extra make-up or get a push-up bra.)  And whether the girls who he works with end up walking away with a crown or not, they certainly come away with a renewed sense of self-confidence and a lot of laughs.

Because I have known Cyrus for such a long time and care about him so much, I was a little nervous when he first told me about Cory, but all of my skepticism vanished as soon as I met him.  Cory has such a warm soul, contagious sense of humor and he is KILLER with makeup.  (In fact, he was kind enough to do my makeup on my wedding day and did all of our makeup on HIS wedding day!)  Bonus about Cory — his last name is KING!!  Soul mates?  I think so.  And most importantly, I have never seen Cyrus so happy.  The weekend of their wedding they were both GLOWING.  I am so blessed to know these wonderful men and was honored to share in their special day.   Now, onto the photos!!

The wedding was held at the South Carolina State Museum and the theme was 60’s, kind of MadMen-ish.  Their colors were black, white, silver and pink.  The bridal party was…beautiful.  🙂  And the rest…speaks for itself.

Some of the bridesmaids at the Rehearsal Dinner. L-R: Amanda – Miss SC USA ’04, Lacie – Miss SC USA ’06, Caitlin – Miss SC Teen USA ’07, Erika – Miss SC America ’05 AND Miss SC USA ’12, me – Miss SC USA ’07, Shannon – Miss SC Teen USA ’12. — Kind of hilarious??? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Rehearsal Dinner Cake

Getting ready for the wedding — with Caitlin — my 2007 “little sister”

The wedding party in front of the “altar”

THE cake table

Cory & Cyrus dancing with their Matrons of Honor

Winners of the garter & bouquet toss


With my mom & dad (after changing clothes)

Lots of love to you two!!

It was wonderful getting to reunite with so many special friends.   XOXOXO!
**Thanks to April, Jill, and all others from whom I have borrowed photos for this post!**

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