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It’s great to be back in SP.  Michael and I are really enjoying it more and more all the time.  We are having a lot of fun getting to know our neighborhood, hanging out with friends and planning excursions around Brazil.  Below is quick look at some of what we’ve been up to over the past month, but first, a quick

***Update*** Our shipment arrives TOMORROW.  5 months ago TO THE DAY that the movers showed up in San Francisco to pack us up.  We hardly remember what we own but are EXCITED to be able to really unpack, settle, and stop living out of boxes and suitcases.  We still have a couple little things to do around our apartment, but I cannot wait to get the shipment!!  Fingers crossed that everything made it OK!!

Joe turned 33! Parabéns!

Double date w/ Joe & Tom.  🙂

Vaca Veia

In Brazil, thumbs up!

Love spending days at our park…

Welcome home flowers from my sweet husband

Saturday mornings = grocery shopping at our street market. 1 block from our apartment.

mmmm spices

Fun night out with friends

Brazil has some gooood pizza.

Sushi on May 31 – celebrating that 1 year ago Michael was visiting Brazil, officially requesting to be transferred. Way to make it happen babe!

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