FAQ: Safety

Question: You live in SOUTH AMERICA.  Is it really dangerous?  

Short Answer:  I feel totally safe, although I half expect to get robbed while we live here.  🙂

Long Answer:  We live in a big city, and just like in any big city, you have to be careful.   Although I never feel like I’m in danger of getting assaulted or hurt, robberies are definitely the most common crime where I am.  That being said, I follow a few simple rules that I think will serve me well while I’m here.

A.) Don’t make myself a target.  This means I don’t go into bad areas.  I don’t walk alone at night.  I carry a small purse.  I don’t wear flashy jewelry or use my iPhone in public.  (In fact, Michael and I left my engagement ring and some other valuable, potentially flashy items with our families back in the states.)

B.) Stay Alert.  I am always on alert when I am walking around outside.  I am always looking to be sure that no one is following me or getting too close.  I always know where I am going and I walk with a purpose.  If I get turned around, I PRETEND I know what I’m doing until I feel like I’m in a safe place to ask someone or check my phone.

C.) Stay Calm.  Even with all of these safety precautions, I realize that I still might get robbed.  Robberies are fairly common, and the key is to not freak out and just hand over my stuff.  Once they see a phone and a little cash, I will be free to go.  I hear of plenty of robberies but almost no “horror stories” because the idea is really not to hurt anyone.  So, if I can stay calm, I think all will be well.

All that being said, I really do feel ABOUT as safe as I did living in San Francisco or DC.  You just have to be smart.

3 thoughts on “FAQ: Safety

  1. When we first told friends that we were moving to SP, their first responses were: “Are you going to have body guards or a driver?” and “Will you dye your hair dark so that you don’t stand out?”

    These seem quite absurd to us now, but just like other big cities there are unfortunate circumstances. Nice street smarts Ashley 🙂

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