Chilean Wine Country (Part 2)

We started Saturday with a very impressive tour and tasting at Clos Apalta Winery (Lapostolle).  They walked us through the entire wine-making process which, for them, focuses on using manpower, gravity and as little machinery as possible.

Happy Customer:

The Snowball. We love a cheap little rental car.


Is this a California Poppy flower??  Looks just like the ones in CA wine country

Next we stopped at Viña MontGras for a little lunch overlooking their vineyards and the mountains, followed by a lovely tasting.  We ended the day at Viu Manent for a walk around the property, another wine tasting and a fabulous dinner at their Rayuela Wine & Grill Restaurant.

Sunday we drove back to Santiago, had a fun final night in the city, and returned to São Paulo on Monday morning.  The whole trip felt like a total dream.

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