Praia de Paúba (Beach Weekend!)

It’s been far too long since I last posted, so forgive me as I do a little catching up.  First, to warm you during these cold, winter days in the US, check out our beach weekend trip from December!

ImageWith 12 of our friends and an adorable little dachshund, Michael and I headed 3 hours outside of São Paulo to the city of São Sebastião to a little secluded beach called Praia de Paúba.  We rented a house right on the beach and spent the weekend exploring the area, hanging out on the beach and cooking amazing food.

IMG_1244IMG_1729Image69467_4270895564609_421138726_n 484341_4270894884592_1267322403_nImage

For me, the highlight of the weekend came on Saturday night.  We were all hanging out on the beach, playing games and generally being idiots, when we realized that about 200 yards down the beach, there was a wedding reception in full swing.  Michael led the charge for the group to go join the party, which I thought would surely end in an arrest of some kind.  We arrived and started dancing in front of the gate into the reception, and much to my surprise, the bride and groom came out to the beach to dance with us!  A bunch of other guests came out to join them as well and before I knew it, our friend Brad was leading the entire party in the Macarena!  What I wouldn’t do to have some type of video/photo documentation of this… ImageStay warm!  xoxox

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