We are getting excited about finding out whether Baby Harper is a he or she this Saturday, so in preparation, we wanted to poll the crowds to see what the consensus is.  To help you make the best guess possible, here is all of the info:

1) Chinese Gender Calendar: predicts that we’re having a boy!
2) Heart-rate:  They say that over 140 bpm = girl and under 140 = boy.  Baby Harper has been measured 3 times, each one clocking in above 140 so that’s 1 strong point for girl.
3) Even/Odd: Legend has it that if the mother’s age and year of conception are the same (both even or both odd) then it is a girl, if they are different it is a boy. Well I was 25 and it was 2012…so that would mean boy.
4) Nausea and Sickness: They say that nausea and morning sickness indicates you’re having a girl.  Although I never actually threw up much, I have definitely felt these symptoms, so going with girl on this one.
5) Cravings: Cravings for sweets = girl and savory = boy.  I would say I’ve definitely had stronger cravings for savory so boy!
6) Complexion: They say that a boy will give you glowing, radient skin and a girl will contribute to skin problems and acne.  Mine has pretty much stayed the same so I’m calling this one a draw.mustache bow

All that being said, it’s really 50/50…so what do you think?  Leave us your votes!

9 thoughts on “Gender…?!

  1. For some reason, I dreamed you were going to have 2 boys before you were even preg! I remember thinking that it was strange you were having boys since you are such a girly girl!! But Daddy dreamed about your “daughter” the other night!! Can’t wait to find out in less than 48 hours!!!

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