19 Weeks

19 WeeksHow far along: 19 weeks & 1 day
Baby updates: Baby Harper is weighing about 10 oz and is around 6 inches long – he is currently the size of a mango!  I’m pretty sure I’m feeling some movement (although only when I am paying attention) and last night Michael also felt something for the first time.  He said it felt like when you put your hand on a massaging chair and the insides are moving around – ha!
Mamma updates: Feeling great these days!  Got a little overwhelmed trying to make a baby registry — so much stuff!! — but I think we’re making progress!
Things I miss: I wouldn’t mind a nice caipirinha every now and then but am doing just fine without.
Cravings: Nothing really stands out this week although my appetite definitely seems to have returned to normal.
Weight: +5 is where I seemed to average out over the past week.  No major highs/lows.
Best moments of the week: This weekend Michael and I took a quick little trip to the beach with our friends Jeff & Suzanna.  Although being in a bikini was not amazing, getting out of the city, into beautiful scenery and being able to hang out with our friends was the total highlight of the week.  I can’t wait to post pictures from the weekend!

2 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. So glad you are feeling better! I can’t even imagine trying to pick out everything for the baby…good luck with that! AH! Counting down the days til April!

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