23 Weeks

23 WeeksHow far along: 23 weeks & 1 day
Baby updates: Baby Harper is weighing over 1 pound now and is around 11 inches long — the length of my Easter basket! He’s moving around a lot and both my mom and Michael have gotten to feel him.
Mamma updates: I’m still feeling great these days, just adjusting to how my body is changing.  It’s weird because I feel so normal that I forget how different I look until I walk by a mirror or see myself in pictures.
Things I miss: Missing a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc this week.
Cravings: Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches.  They’re amazing.  And an otherwise very healthy appetite.
Weight: +11.5.  Based on my BMI, I’m supposed to gain around 35 lbs during pregnancy (yikes!).  So with 17 weeks to go, I think I’m basically on track.  At this point I’m wearing maternity jeans/tights with a mix of maternity and regular tops.  Most of my old dresses “fit,” however whether they look right or not really depends on the cut of the dress.  According to my sweet husband, I had “doubled in size” over the past two weeks that we were apart.  Juuuuuuust what I wanted to hear.  🙂
Best moments of the week:  So many blessings this week!
First, my mom’s dear friend, Jane Suggs, and my cousin, Dolores Long, threw me a baby shower on Tuesday night.  More to come on this special night soon!DSC_0001 Next, it was so wonderful having Michael come visit for Easter.  We got to do a lot of shopping for our little guy, go to Good Friday service with my grandparents, have a little date, and celebrate Easter with my family.  So many sweet moments.  We even got an extra day together when his original flight back was canceled, but he left this evening and I’ll be seeing him next Tuesday in DC.  Life is just better together. DSC_0138

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