34 Weeks

34 Weeks 2How far along: 34 weeks & 1 day
Baby updates: On my appointment this past Friday, Baby Harper was estimated to be around 5.5lbs!  I love that he’s big and healthy but when I think about delivering him, I sort of hope that he slows down a little…
Mamma updates: Although I’m supposed to be experiencing all kinds of fun late-term pregnancy symptoms (weakening eye-sight, back aches, swollen ankles, heart burn, poor balance, forgetfulness, the list goes on), I’ve actually been feeling great over the past week – the best I’ve felt in a long time! I’ve been sleeping well and am really enjoying this stage of pregnancy — excited to meet our little guy soon but still very happy to have a few more weeks of peace with Michael.  🙂
Things I miss: Nada.
Cravings: Ice cream! I’m having it every night these days.
Weight: +20! Major milestone!!
Best moments of the week: Although there was nothing major going on last week, it was still full of fun moments. Wednesday was o Dia dos Namorados (Valentine’s Day) so Michael brought me some beautiful flowers, chocolates, and took me out for great dinner.IMG_2203IMG_2200Over the weekend, Michael and Joe went to Rio with some other friends of ours to watch Italy vs. Mexico in the Confederations Cup (a sort of pre-World Cup tournament which uses the World Cup stadiums) and they had an absolute blast. IMG_2219Since my traveling days have kind of passed at this point, I stayed home and hung out with friendsScreen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.33.18 PM and enjoyed lots of cuddle-time with little Mailey Jane Hudson. Speaking of MJ, here is a cute picture of her with Michael on her birthday!  He’s such a natural.DSC_0413PS – It’s super loud outside our apartment right now with all of the protests going on!  Crazy!

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