Michael’s 31st Birthday!

Culhane and I were so excited to celebrate Michael’s 31st birthday and his 1st birthday as a dad on Monday, September 9th.

We had a busy few days with friends the weekend before and we’re heading out of town this weekend and Michael will be out the next one as well, so we took it pretty easy but had fun together.

Morning breakfast and festive signs and notes throughout the house.IMG_3463Colt, a little unsure (and chubbier by the day) in his custom-made dad’s-birthday-attire: DSC_0321DSC_0310Lunch at the Gourmet Tea: IMG_3467and dinner at the new Argentine steak house in our neighborhood, 348 (which – if you’re in SP and like meat, I would totally recommend!): DSC_0325

Happy birthday to my best friend and the love of my life, Michael Harper!  I can’t wait to celebrate you for the rest of my life. XO



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