Reunited & It Feels So Good

Last weekend, our family of 3 was split apart as Michael headed to Cabo to celebrate his best bud, Mike Saign, at his bachelor party. So, while Michael was here:IMG_3689

Culhane and I were here, enjoying a beautiful weekend at a nearby fazenda with friends.1240661_10151922911839882_896436008_n

(And yes, that is a beautiful peacock crossing the lane. Photo credit: Erica Winter!)

Colt’s first time in a pool! IMG_3664 IMG_3666Hanging out with Trent, Paige & Mailey Jane.

IMG_3653Culhane discovered a new favorite seat! IMG_3680 Partying with the best of ’em! imageBoth Michael and I had wonderful weekends, but it was hard being apart, and especially tough for Michael to be away from Colt. He left on Thursday morning and returned Monday morning, so it was only 4 days, but it felt longer.

On Monday morning, Michael was so ready to get home and see his family. By the time he was getting close to the house, Culhane had been up for a couple of hours and was getting fussy and tired – ready for a nap. I almost sent Michael a message to let him know so that he wouldn’t be disappointed if Colt was crying when he got home, but the second that Michael walked in the door, Colt absolutely LIT UP!

Adorable video of them!!

Colt smiled so big at Michael for the next 2 hours straight and continued to be so happy with him the rest of the day. It almost looked like he wished he was able to laugh because he was smiling so big – like he couldn’t contain it. It was literally the sweetest thing I have ever seen!! IMG_3691 IMG_3710 IMG_3700IMG_3717

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