Culhane’s 5th Month!

Parabéns Little Bit! You’re 5 months old today!5 months

Colt developments: Baby, you’re growing so much! This month you finally discovered your toes and grab them constantly when you’re laying on your back. It’s actually kind of helpful when you’re getting changed! You have also started chewing on your hands like crazy. You are always slobbering all over them and everything else! Gigi thinks that you’re in the beginning stages of teething, but I’m not so sure / I’m hoping we’re not quite there yet…

You’re much better at holding and maneuvering objects and toys which is fun to watch. And just a few days ago you rolled over from your back to your tummy for the first time! You’re not crawling yet but you are getting more mobile — scooting around a little. You enjoy all of your little devices (crib, bunny seat, bumbo chair, johnny jump up, activity mat…) but one of your favorite things to do is to practice standing up while we hold your hands. You also went swinging at the park for the first time this month and you seemed to love it! You would smile and squint your eyes as if the wind in your face was almost too much. It was amazing.

You have laughed a few more times this month, but you still generally reserve laughs for special occasions. You’re a very happy baby and smile all the time, but you’re a little bit on the serious side too.

Health: I’m so thankful that you continue to be perfectly healthy. At your appointment yesterday you weighed in at 15 lbs 7 oz and were almost 26″ long. You had a mosquito attack one night this past week and when I went into your room in the morning, I found 14 bites all over you, you poor thing. That mean mosquito got you on the top of your head, your face, your fingers, your toes, and anything else it could find. I was so heartbroken but honestly I couldn’t blame the mosquito – you’re skin is just so soft and irresistible. If I were a mosquito I’d chomp on you too.

Eating: Still all me. We are currently feeding 5 times/day but I have to say, this past month has been quite a challenge. When we were in Mississippi I had to leave you a lot with Michael or babysitters so you ended up feeding from bottles much more than usual, and as a result, you went on what is apparently called a “nursing strike,” and that’s exactly what it felt like! You would arch your back and fling your head and cry, cry, cry, as if to say, “I’m on strike!” For the next week I fought through it and exclusively nursed you which seemed to break the strike, however you can still get difficult after a few minutes and sometimes you are tough even with a bottle. You’re lucky you’re cute when you cry!

Sleeping: You’re still a great sleeper, although I do think that all of the visitors (taking us off our schedule) and all of the traveling (+ a 4 hour time change in Mississippi) has thrown you off a little. You are going down at 10pm but are often waking up around 6:30am. I can always get you back to sleep and never feed you before 8:00am, but sometimes it takes a few trips to your room to give you the paci. And every now and then you will wake in the middle of the night for your paci too. I’m not really sure what this is all about, as it never happened before our big trip, but ever since then your sleep has just been a little less like clockwork. At any rate, you basically sleep from 10:00pm-8:15am so even if I have to get up once or twice for 30 seconds, I can’t complain. Also you are beyond adorable when you sleep. I almost can’t handle it.

Schedule: It’s basically the same as reported last month – feeds generally at/around: 8:15am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:45pm, 8:30pm, down for bed by 10:00pm. You nap throughout the day – usually 1 big nap and 3 small ones.

Mama: I think I love motherhood more and more each day. What fun it is to be your mom and to watch Michael be your dad. We have so much fun with you and are cherishing these moments.

Thoughts: Sweet love, I can’t believe what a precious little boy you’re becoming. I am so excited to take you home for the holidays and show you off to our friends and family.

When your Zais grandparents visited, Gigi brought us a sweet Advent calendar. Each morning, we take you to the calendar and your dad explains that we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He tells you about Jesus’ life and death and resurrection. He tells you that you have a Savior and a Rescuer in Jesus, and Culhane, we are praying every day that you will know Him. We pray that you will know Him and know the freedom of life lived in and through Him. We pray that you will know the joy and peace of one who knows he is fully known and fully loved. We pray that you will come to the table of your God and freely “delight in the richest of fare,” all the days of your life. (Isaiah 55:1-2)DSC_0559DSC_0574DSC_0555DSC_0549DSC_0585

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