Nursery Tour

The nursery tour doesn’t take too long since the room is itsy-bitsy. That being said, we have done our best to make it a sweet little space for Culhane McGeever. Our inspiration for the room came from the little stuffed bunny in the corner of the crib. Also, anyone who knows Michael knows his favorite color is orange, so we went with that. Big props & thanks to Trent Hudson for making the Colt Harper sign, the side table beside the dresser and for hanging everything on the walls!

Back when I was pregnant -- getting the room ready!

Back when I was pregnant — getting the room ready!


Crib: Jenny Lind
Crib bedding: Trend Lab
Bed sheets: Target
Curtains: Target
Mobile & Stuffed Bunny: Blabla
Dresser: Ikea
Dresser Overlays: My O’verlays
Lamp: World Market
Toy Bin: Land of Nod
Changing Pad Cover: Land of Nod
Rug: Overstock
Boston Print: World Market (old – Michael has had it for years)
Shoes: Toms – From Godparents Mike Saign & Moira O’Connell!
Green Alligator Toy: Gift from São Paulo friends!
Orange Sweater: Hand knit by my Aunt Sheryl!
Colt Harper Sign: Hand made by Trent Hudson!

2 thoughts on “Nursery Tour

  1. Oh my WORD. This is the most adorable room! I love how you incorporated the orange. That is so special! It’s so fun to be able to picture more of your apartment in my head now! 🙂

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