Twenty 7

Last Wednesday was my 27th birthday and the celebrating has not stopped yet!

It started Wednesday morning with our modified tradition of breakfast-in-bed turned just breakfast. (Since Colt serves as my morning alarm-clock, I requested not to be woken up before then so Michael made me breakfast while Colt was eating his!)

Along with a beautiful breakfast, Michael surprised me with a gorgeous orchid that he had hidden away the night before and lots of sweet notes to wake-up to.
IMG_6016Colt was so sweet all day – I think he knew it was a special day! IMG_5979Then we got the apartment decorated with roses for the evening Bachelor finale viewing party.IMG_6030Now, everyone who knows me, knows that I love love. And while some skeptics don’t necessarily equate love with The Bachelor, I am a believer and always have faith that love can and will triumph. I am obsessed with the show. It is my greatest guilty-pleasure, my only reality TV indulgence, and I love it. Anyway, the finale aired in the US on Monday but since we don’t get it here, I buy it on iTunes. Normally the episodes post to iTunes by Tuesday but there is always a delay with the finale so I knew I wouldn’t get it until Wednesday. When I realized that this coincided with my birthday, it was just too good. I avoided social media for a couple days then had 5 of my best girlfriends over to watch. They are the best and brought tons of goodies – as in, great champagne and wine, amazing homemade mac-&-cheese, delish salad, the best cookie dough (which was consumed uncooked, obvi), ice cream and ROSES!!! and together we learned the valuable lesson that “there is no better diet than a man leaving you confused.” I felt so known, loved, and blessed to have these incredible girlfriends – it was a perfect night.

Jana, Paige, me, Colby, Suzanna & Brett:

IMG_4347They even had cupcakes to celebrate Paige’s birthday since she had been in the US on her big day!IMG_4346

So much fun!!

On Thursday we stayed in and played with Colt, but Michael brought home my fav – sushi for dinner! DSC_0693

Friday night, Michael surprised me with opening weekend tickets to Sala São Paulo, SP’s symphony! He lined up a babysitter and took me out to dinner at this great Italian spot, Famiglia Mancini in the Centro. We don’t go out in the Centro very often (as in, never), because it’s a littttttle dicey, especially at night, but randomly there is this adorable little Italian street tucked away in there called Rua Avanhandava, filled with cute lights and good Italian restaurants. So fun.

IMG_6048 After dinner we skipped over to the symphony and, although I am no expert, it was by far my favorite symphony experience and a true São Paulo highlight. The space was gorgeous and the music was out of this world. It just, takes you away. Anyway, it was the best.IMG_6057IMG_6066On Saturday, my dear friend Paige hosted a pool-party to continue the celebrating!! We had a great lunch, swam in the pool and enjoyed the amazing, famous, Hudson ice-cream-sandwiches!! Too much fun. (Also, Mailey Jane was adorable in the tutu that Colby made her!!)
IMG_6068 1 2 3To top off the celebrations, our awesome friend Tom took Colt and me out for lunch today. Tom and I have been excited ever since Benihana opened a location very near us, but we have not been able to get either Michael or Joe on board with it so finally we just went together. There were onion volcanos, flying knives, and all of the culinary showmanship that one could hope for. It was amazing. #Whatdidyoudolastnight? IMG_6140Thanks to everyone who made 27 so much fun and so special. So far, it’s off to a great start!

One thought on “Twenty 7

  1. Ok, love this post for several reasons:

    1) The orchid! Kern bought me one for Valentines and I have LOVED watching it bloom. You will be obsessed.
    2) Every time I see a commercial for the Bachelor I think of you. Every. time. 😉
    3) The symphony–how fun?!
    4) So jealous y’all have pool weather right now!

    I’m so happy that you had a great few days celebrating! Cheers to 27!

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