My First Mother’s Day!

This year was my first time celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom and my sweet husband made sure it was a very fun, special and memorable weekend.


Phase 1: Surprise Sushi Lunch with Paige
We had plans on Saturday afternoon to try a new sushi restaurant around the corner from us with the Hudsons so of course I thought nothing of this. When we arrived at the restaurant, however, Michael and Trent handed Paige and me a couple of notes, took the babies and said “Enjoy yourselves – goodbye!” We were both really taken off guard since we had not been suspicious about anything, but we sat down, ordered drinks, and opened the first card. cardThe card basically told us that they had the babies taken care of and to just relax, enjoy our lunch and to open the next card in an hour. In reality, the guys had taken the babies to meet up with Joe for lunch, so while we were doing this: img_6104the boys were doing this:IMG_0372Anyway, after an hour and a bunch of sushi we opened the second card which instructed us to get dessert and then head over to the spa around the corner for a 2pm ressy.

Phase 2: Surprise Spa – Mani, Pedi & Massage
When we arrived at the spa we didn’t know what we were there for, but we soon learned that the boys had made us appointments to get a mani/pedi & a massage.IMG_6977

img_6112 img_6110

It was pure relaxation and so much fun to do together. When we were finished, someone brought a box and a card to Paige and me. Each of the boys had picked out a dress (not a new one or anything – just one from our closet) and shoes for us and the note instructed us to meet them around the corner at a specified address. So, we got changed and headed out!

Phase 3: Surprise Drinks with the Boys at La Mar
As we were walking we realized that the address was for the nearby Peruvian restaurant, La Mar. When we arrived, the boys were waiting for us with pisco sours!IMG_0377As we sat and enjoyed drinks and ceviche, we learned that Uncle Joe was back at our apartment babysitting BOTH babies!IMG_7045 When we went back to the apartment we walked in to find Joe on the floor playing with Colt and Mailey — such a sweet little sight. We finished the evening playing at the park!IMG_0383


Phase 4: Lovely Church Service followed by Beautiful Surprise Brunch by Michael
Sunday morning Michael and I went to the early morning service at our church (never thought we would be early service people but we’re up anyway and it works best with Colt’s schedule) and it was absolutely lovely. At one point they had all of the moms in the congregation stand to receive prayer and I was so honored to be able to take part in that. When we got home, Michael went to work at preparing brunch. He made an amazing french toast bake (which had been soaking overnight!). IMG_6979Needless to say I have an amazing, incredibly thoughtful husband and it was a perfect first Mother’s Day weekend. Love these two! IMG_0021

I was actually surprised by how special it felt to be a part of Mother’s Day this year. I was so touched to realize that I was a part of that special group of women, across the world and through all of time, and I’m so thankful that God blessed me with our sweet little Colt who made me Mom.IMG_6865

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