Harper Family Visit!

Three days after we returned from our trip to South Africa, the Harpers arrived for a visit! Ollie, Sharon and Lise all had just one week to visit so we tried to pack it full of fun and family time.

Colt was delighted to see them when they arrived! IMG_1563

We kicked off their visit with a little cocktail party at our apartment. Unfortunately I didn’t get ANY photos from the night except for this gem of Joe and Ollie in their matching shirts. IMG_1571

We spent a lot of time just playing around the apartment, at the playground and in the pool.






One of my favorite nights was our dinner at Mani – one of my very favorite spots in São Paulo.



On Thursday, we all packed up and headed to Rio for fun in the sun!

Colt – happy after logging his 27th flight!IMG_8502

Beach time! Colt loved the beach. (The ocean, not quite so much.)





On Friday morning while Michael was still at work in São Paulo and while Sharon babysat Colt, Joe led Lise, Ollie and me on a hike up to the top of the Dois Irmãos mountains! It started out with a packed bus ride in an old VW bus to get through the favela to the start of the hiking trail and then an hour hike up the mountain until we reached the top! We had a blast!

photo 3

photo 5

The views were so awesome!

photo 1

photo 4

After hiking back down, we walked down through the favela to the bottom of the hill.

photo 5 (1)

Later that afternoon, Colt and I hit up the Fasano’s rooftop pool – best pool in Rio and actually has a wide shallow section that was perfect for Colt!


We were all thrilled when Michael joined us in Rio Friday night. Dinner at Astor.


On Saturday morning Michael, Joe and Sharon took a little walk through the favela since Sharon and Michael hadn’t been able to join on our adventure the day before. IMG_1651

photo 2

Then, the Harper fam hit up the pool again! IMG_1645


Matching Ipanema shirts!


Lise with her dois irmãos in front of the Dois Irmãos mountains! IMG_1663

We had a blast and the only difficult moment came when we tried to leave the hotel. Miley Cyrus was also staying at the Fasano and her fans stayed outside all day chanting, screaming and ultimately they rushed the hotel! #can’tstopwon’tstop.IMG_1681

Thanks so much to Sharon, Ollie and Lise for making the big trip to come see us. We treasured our time with you and can’t wait to see you again over Christmas…unless we can convince you to sneak in one more visit first! 😉

One thought on “Harper Family Visit!

  1. What a great family time in SP and Rio! Michael, I like your stache. I have one too! Colt is really growing. Love, Papa

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