28 Weeks – Into the 3rd Trimester!

I’ve gotten super behind on blogging and have a ton to catch up on, however I wanted to go ahead and just start posting some current things because if I wait until I’m all caught up, I’ll never get around to it. So, following the format of how I tracked my progress last pregnancy, here we go!

I don’t have any official bump pictures and most of the pictures of me are ones I take myself to send to my mom or something but here is the most recent one.

28 Weeks!

At 28 Weeks!

How far along: 28 weeks & 2 days. Can’t believe we are in the 3rd trimester with less than 3 months to go but also so very excited to meet our sweet boy that sometimes I think I can’t wait!! However, I realize these days are precious with just Colt so Michael and I are trying to really soak it up while we can.

Baby updates: Michael and I got to see our little guy most recently at my appointment last Monday (May 25) and we were thankful to hear that he is growing wonderfully and everything looked great!
I am feeling him move a lot which I (usually) love.
Although I haven’t really started to prepare too much for his arrival, I did finally go through a huge bin of Colt’s old baby clothes and at least sorted things by size and separated some things that we might want to pack for the hospital bag. We will be traveling in the US from June 10-July 6 so I think once we get back I’ll really start to get things ready.

Mamma updates: I’m feeling awesome these days, sleeping great, lots of energy and very little pregnancy discomforts however I had been struggling a little bit up until a couple weeks ago. Mostly it was just normal pregnancy discomforts, trouble sleeping, lack of energy, etc. but there were a couple weeks in early/mid-May that were rough. I constantly had an upset stomach, had a cold, was really drained of energy, and then on top of that I randomly broke out into a terrible, very itchy face rash! The doctor I saw thought that it was my face moisturizer but I’ve been using the same stuff for literally like 10 years and it was only on part of my face so I’m skeptical that the moisturizer was the culprit but at the same time I’m still too scared to try it again… Michael has been traveling a lot this year but by God’s grace, whenever I am really feeling badly it seems that he is home and he was a huge help during those couple weeks. He would come home from work early to help me with Colt or stay home later in the mornings to let me rest a little more, but it’s definitely a different thing to struggle through pregnancy AND chase after a toddler too.  That being said, it was a pretty short spell and I think that I’m currently feeling the best I’ve felt through the whole pregnancy. Very thankful for that!

Another update is that I recently switched doctors. I was happy with my doctor last time and would be totally fine to have her again but there were a few factors that influenced me to switch (she doesn’t really speak English so I was often a little confused, I had to travel to a separate clinic for all of my ultrasounds and tests so it was twice as many visits…) and I’m really happy with my new doctor. I am also really praying and asking God for a VBAC this time and while my former doctor was supportive of it and told me she thought I would be a great candidate, I know that she’s generally a lot more comfortable with c-sections whereas my new doctor actually performs more normal deliveries (which is a rare find here!).

I’m praying for a VBAC this round for a few reasons. One is that the recovery was pretty tough on me last time and I don’t know how I would do it AND take care of Colt and the baby – especially since you aren’t supposed to lift anything heavier than the newborn and Colt is almost 30lbs! Also, Michael and I don’t exactly know how many kids we want to have but I would like to have the option of having more than 3 so a VBAC would be a lot better for that too. However, if I learned one thing last time it’s that you can’t plan out your labor & delivery too much so I am holding it with open hands and trusting the Lord.

Things I miss: A glass of wine every now and then but nothing has been too bad this time since we decided it was OK for me to have sushi and we have perfected making egg-less cookie dough. 🙂

Cravings: I’ve had lots of cravings – mostly unhealthy – including twizzlers, gummy worms, mango, chocolate, sushi… More than once Michael has been sent out for late night snack-runs to the store.

Weight: +10. I haven’t gained weight as quickly this time and I think a lot of it had to do with me not feeling consistently very well during the second trimester which would sometimes result in a decreased appetite. However, now that I’m feeling so much better I’m really focused on eating a lot and eating constantly. My doctor said not to worry about it but I always want to be sure I’m providing all the nourishment I can to my sweet little babe but I do feel confident that I’ll gain weight better in the third trimester.

3 thoughts on “28 Weeks – Into the 3rd Trimester!

  1. So glad you are feeling better now, and your picture shows you looking so well. We are getting excited about the baby, and glad everything is going well. Can’t wait for you to get to SC soon. We can’t wait to see Colt. He changes so much every time we see him. Love, Nan

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