Fincher’s 2nd Month!

On Sunday you turned 2 months my dear love, Finn!

Happy boy!

Finn Developments: Handsome boy, I absolutely love watching you grow and turn into your own little person!

Weight: Doctor’s appointment next week! You are definitely chunking up nicely but you’re not quite as roly-poly as your brother was at this stage. You have the lovely gift of showing it all in your sweet face first.
Height: Will find out soon!
Clothes: 3 months.
Diapers: Size 1.

Finn, you still have gorgeous blue eyes (hoping they stay blue!) and very little hair that’s kind of a light auburn color. Your acne has mostly cleared up (for now) but you are still a little dandruffy.

I am thankful that your personality continues to be pretty calm and laid back. Some of our friends joke that they never see you awake since you’re pretty reliable about sleeping in the stroller whenever we’re out and about.

Sometimes you can be fussier in the evening between your last two feeds. It’s easy enough to manage and to calm and soothe you IF there are two adults home, but since that’s also the time that your brother has dinner, has his bath and goes to bed, it’s a challenge to do solo. Your dad was traveling for 5 nights a couple weeks ago so 2 or 3 of our evenings were tough. One evening I tried to hold you in the carrier through it but that was kind of a mess too. However, I figure a little evening cry-sesh is a good lung workout and just gets you ready for a long night’s sleep, right? 😉

You’ve only given me a hard time in public once when we went downstairs to play one evening with your brother. At first you were hanging out in your stroller then slowly started fussing. I thought you would calm down but it just escalated more and more until you were absolutely wailing! It wouldn’t have been a big deal but of course your brother didn’t get it and wanted “one more slide! one more slide!” then he had to get on his scooter, put on his helmet, etc. before we could get out of there. It was kind of a scene and I had JUST told another mom down there that having 2 was great and “not too hard” so honestly it serves me right for having said that. 🙂

The most fun development of month 2 is that you started smiling, Finn! And boy, do you give some big ones. It melts my heart and brings so much joy to our life. Colt loves it too, “Finn happy! Finn smiling! Tiny little Finn!” {Heart explosion.}

Schedule: We are on a regular schedule with you and I am so grateful. It makes it easy for me to know what to expect and know how to plan, but it’s also easy to adjust when needed to fit into my daily plans. And I think it helped you start sleeping through the night so early which is just everything when there are multiple kids involved.

7:30 am First morning feed.
11:00 am Lunch feed.
2:30 pm Snack feed.
6:00 pm Dinner feed.
9:30 pm Last feed of the night.
11:00 pm Bedtime for Finn & Mom.

Eating: As seen above you are eating 5 times / day. You kept pushing your middle-of-the-night-feed later and later, from 3am to 4 to 5 to 6 and now to 7:30ish so we just “merged” that one with the first morning feed and you never seemed to miss it.  You normally spend 7-10 minutes per side. You’re a good eater and we’re still on 100% mama’s milk.

Sleep: What a good sleeper you are! Even easier than your brother!! As noted above, at night you’re giving us a 10 hour stretch between feeds and you’re sleeping for 8.5 of those hours. This started at about 7 weeks and was my saving grace while your dad was out of town.

Mom: I’ve kind of gone through the ringer this month. Just as I was clearing recovery from the delivery I got a random infection under my arm. I had always had a small cyst under my arm and one night it started to feel sensitive. It hurt more each day and after a couple of days it had grown pretty large and was quite painful. I went to the doctor to have it drained and it was one of the most painful 20 minutes of my life and unfortunately it just got worse from there. That appointment was on a Thursday and late Friday night I woke Michael up just crying. I was in so much pain and it was clear I was not improving. The infection had turned into a legitimate boil the size of a cherry. So gross. I couldn’t put my arm down but it hurt to lift it as well. I couldn’t sleep at night. In order to nurse Finn, other people had to hold him up to me and half the time I’d be in tears from the pain of it all. On Saturday we met my doctor at the hospital and she went ahead and put me under so that she could go in and remove as much of it as possible. When she was finished she left a straw in to maintain an opening so that it could continue to drain. Gross. After that I finally started to feel less pain but I went on a stronger antibiotic since the first one I was on did not work. This antibiotic was “OK” to nurse through but not ideal so while I did continue to nurse, we also emptied our freezer of all my frozen milk to minimize the amount of antibiotic that Finn received. And I just prayed for him through each feeding that he would not be negatively affected by it. Praise God that so far he has showed no indication of being affected. Anyway, the straw was in for about a week and then it was removed only to leave a hole in my arm. Then that started to heal strangely so I had to go back and have more stuff removed this past week. I think it is FINALLY healing properly so I thank God for that. Anyway, it was just such a strange, painful and stressful thing to go through while also trying to take care of a 2 year old and 1 month old and I am so thankful that it’s over.

OTHERwise, I am doing great and love being a mom of two sweet boys. It’s an adventure but so much joy each day.



3 thoughts on “Fincher’s 2nd Month!

  1. That smile! Precious boy! He is getting so big already!!!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your last month–wow–that is tough! I’m glad you’re on the mend though.

    Love seeing photos!!! 🙂

  2. I loved hearing about Finn, and he sounds delightful. I can’t wait to see him and Colt. I wish they lived a bit closer to us, but we are looking forward to your trip to SC. We also hope to be at the Christening. Keep sending pictures!!! We are always so excited to get them. Love, Nan

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