Fincher’s 3rd Month

Happy 3 months little Finn!IMG_3227

Finn Developments: Praise God you continue to grow beautifully!

Weight: We took you in on Monday and you were 14.33 lbs – big boy!
Height: 25.2 inches (91st %)
Clothes: 3-6 months.
Diapers: Size 2.

Sweet boy, I am happy to say I think your baby blues are here to stay! You finally are starting to grow some (subtle) hair on the top of your head but basically you look like a very sweet but very old man. Most of the acne and dandruff has cleared up too!

Finn – what a great month this has been with you!! Just after you turned 2 months I started to really figure you out and now that I know all of your cues, you’re seriously the easiest baby on planet Earth. Multiple days will pass where you literally do not cry. It’s crazy. We had an 11 hour car ride the other day (9:30am – 8:30pm) and I’ll write about that whole saga later but you only cried for a grand total of 4 minutes the whole trip. I couldn’t believe it.

You are so calm and peaceful. You love it when people come talk to you and play with you and always reward us with heart melting smiles and the sweetest sounding coos. Sometimes it seems like you’re trying to imitate the sounds we make. You have even giggled for your dad and me a couple times!

Although you are getting stronger, your sweet cheeks do struggle to stand up against the pull of gravity. You can sit up well but your head does want to rest on your chest pretty quickly. You hold your head up better when you’re on your tummy but we have some work to do here.

You continue to be healthy but had your first fever on Monday. There were really no other symptoms and thankfully it only lasted about 24 hours so we just gave you a little ibuprofen and tylenol.

Schedule: We are still on an awesome schedule with you and it’s a big part of why you’re so easy!

8:15 am First morning feed.
11:00 am Lunch feed.
2:30 pm Snack feed.
6:00 pm Dinner feed.
8:45 pm Last feed of the night.
10:00 pm Bedtime

Eating: As seen above you are still eating 5 times / day. You normally spend 4-10 minutes on each side. You’re an easy eater and we’re still on 100% mama’s milk.

Sleep: What a monster sleeper you are! Easiest sleeper of all time! As noted above, at night you go an 11-13 hour stretch between feeds and you’re sleeping for most of those hours. Honestly, since you’ve been born I don’t think you’ve given us a single terrible night. (I can think of 2 nights in the first month that required us getting up more than twice but that’s it!) All that’s to say, this is God’s grace. I have no idea why you’ve been so easy. I look back at my records of Colt and you sleep SO much better than he did even though I feel like we’re doing most things very similarly. The only differences are that you’re on a more regular schedule during the day (schedule not just routine) and you’re bigger than he was…not sure if those have made much of a difference but I tend to think it’s just that every baby is different. At any rate, I’m GRATEFUL!

Mom: I am finally really feeling like myself again! The first month was all about recovering from the labor & delivery and the second month was dominated by the infection I got in my arm but now, praise God, I am healthy and feeling good again. And I’ve really been able to enjoy being your mom on a whole new level. You are just a joy for me and I cherish my time with you sweet Finn. I love you!!






4 thoughts on “Fincher’s 3rd Month

  1. Finn sounds like the perfect baby! so glad you all are enjoying him so much! watch out- as he might be a challenge as a teenager! just kidding. It is wonderful to hear all about him. I pray that you all will continue to enjoy your boys and maybe have some more! love, Joanne Coker

  2. Clare Fincher Nov 20 at 5:25. We are really anxious to get to see you real soon, and it is so good that Fin is such a good baby; so your trip home won’t be too hard. Everyone is anxious to see all of you and especially Tom and I are anxious. Love always, Nan

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