30th Birthday Trip to NoLa!

As my 30th birthday got closer, I started thinking back on the past decade. I actually turned 20 while I was in LA competing for Miss USA. All of the contestants were in LA for about 2 weeks leading up to the competition and my birthday fell on one of those days. (Side note: During those two weeks I also met our now President Trump… Very briefly but all of us had to meet him.)

But thinking through the whole decade:
20: Competed for Miss USA. Graduated from Wofford.
21: Moved to Washington DC. Started working at the McCain Campaign. Met Michael. Started dating.
22: Worked at DAC. Got engaged.
23: Got married. Moved to San Francisco. Worked at FM.
24: Finished time in San Francisco. Moved to São Paulo.
25: Worked at WINGS. Got pregnant with Colt.
26: Had Colt. Stopped working outside the home.
27: Got pregnant with Finn.
28: Had Finn. Moved back to the US. Bought a house!
29: Our first year in the US. Michael worked at Jones Day DC then started for the DOJ.
30: Just getting started…!

It’s been a busy decade full of love, learning, adventures, babies, working, travels and moves. The greatest blessing has been marrying Michael and being beside him on this journey so I was thrilled to get a weekend away with him, celebrating together.

My birthday is March 12 so that weekend, Michael and I headed off to New Orleans. Michael had been to New Orleans once (in college…for Mardi Gras…so…totally different experience) and I had never been at all. A few years ago we watched the Top Chef season that was filmed in New Orleans and that peaked my interest so it was on my list. And from Virginia it was accessible for a weekend trip. My parents drove up to babysit the kids while we were away so Colt and Finn felt like they received a huge present as well. 🙂

On our flight to New Orleans, someone sitting beside us said that, “If Las Vegas and Charleston had a baby, it would be New Orleans.” I found this to be a great summary. The city has lots of charm, character and a thriving food scene but at the same time it has a healthy amount of grit, grime and all the bachelor/bachelorette parties your heart could ever hope for. I swear that I saw no fewer than 100 girls walking the streets in cutoff jeans, halter tops, veils and sashes. And beads.

At any rate, it was the perfect place to ring in 30. The food (Commanders Palace, Mother’s, ALL THE BEIGNETS!!) and the music were the highlights for me. And did I mention a weekend away with just my husband? Yes, that too. We had a blast.


Friday evening in NoLa.


Intro drinks at the very interesting, very cool Carousel Bar.


There is definitely a charm to New Orleans.


But also…hurricanes at Pat O’ Briens, dueling piano bar!


Bourbon St.


After dinner drinks and music at The Maison.


Nursing slight headaches via Saturday brunch at Mother’s. The perfect cure.


Saturday touring.




Art. Trees. Beads.

Saturday night we did a birthday dinner at Commander’s Palace. Cannot say enough about how great everything was! The turtle soup and strawberry shortcake were my very favs.


Birthday dinner!


So great!


Birthday beignets at Café Du Monde whilst being serenaded by a very talented street saxophone player. Also, beignets are my new favorite food.


My birthday gift — this NoLa painting that I fell in love with at the outdoor art fair. Looks awesome in our room now.


We did a walking tour through the garden district and stopped to admire the Manning household.


Shopping and drinks before heading back to VA!

Thank you to my parents for watching the kids and to Michael for planning the perfect weekend to celebrate 30. So happy to be doing it with you by my side.

4 thoughts on “30th Birthday Trip to NoLa!

  1. Great – and a year earlier from your diary, you and I were touring Israel! You swam wherever there was water, the Mediterranean, Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

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