Another “Calm Before”

The last time I published on the blog was last July – specifically July 9, 2017 – 2 days after Colt’s 4th birthday. His birthday was also the day that I found out I was pregnant with Baby #3. We weren’t planning on getting pregnant again for another 6 months, so it was quite the surprise. We left the morning after his birthday for Vail and by the time we got back home the morning sickness started to set in and between the pregnancy and the two boys I just haven’t had capacity to do the blog since.

And now, here I am, over 8 months later, sitting in that incredibly unique moment in time where I know I am within days of meeting this new baby, welcoming her into the world, into our family, into our home and into our everyday lives. Right now everything feels so calm and steady, but with every cramp and contraction I feel, I am keenly aware that it’s all about to change.

In some ways, this season is hard. I am SO eager to meet this girl and am totally ready for her to come. I’ll be 39 weeks in 3 days so it could be hours, days or even weeks. It feels impossible not to obsess over every little thing happening in my body and hard to think or talk about anything else. I would be over the moon if I went into labor…right now!

But at the same time this season is so sweet and I am not sure I’m ready to let it go. This could very well be our last baby and there is just nothing like the anticipation of waiting to meet your new, tiny treasure. There’s nothing like seeing that little face and holding that little bundle for the first time. So I’m cherishing and relishing in this moment. And on top of all this, these final days are also our last days as a family of 4 – the close of this chapter for our family. And what a sweet chapter it has been! I am certainly not eager for it to end. DSC_0345

Sitting here now, I think back to how I felt waiting on Fincher. His arrival set into motion the season that I still think of as “the storm.” “The storm” is one of the reasons we wanted to wait a little bit longer to have a third baby – we just went through so many life-changes in such a short time. But, by God’s grace, we have now truly settled into our life here in Arlington. We love our house, our neighborhood, our preschool, our parks, our church, our community, Michael’s job, his commute…our life here. Praise be to God, He has shown us so much kindness in His provision for us here. And so we feel His hand carrying us into this new season that we are about to embark on. More adventure, more opportunity to trust the Lord and watch Him work!

Oh, and I turn 31 tomorrow too! Here’s to a new and exciting year ahead!

7 thoughts on “Another “Calm Before”

  1. Dear Sweet Family, I wish you much luck and many blessings with your new baby girl. You have been blessed and God will take care of providing you with the energy needed to have three young children to nurture. I am so happy for you all. please keep me posted. Those boys can be big brothers now to that little girl. my love to all of you,Joanne Coker

  2. I was SO happy to see a post show up in my inbox tonight! You are a beautiful writer. So excited about this new chapter for the Harpers and SO excited that a GIRL will be added to your family! Katherine can’t wait to meet her (and Colt and Finn, ha!). Happy (early) birthday and I’ll be waiting by my phone for a message that SHE IS HERE!

  3. Dear Ashley, so glad you are aware of this moment and are just breathing in the midst of this confluence of life. Praying for your precious family in this special moment where you see the view of new things coming while rejoicing in the journey so far. May you be filled with peace.

  4. Happy Birthday dear Ashley, I wish you an easy birth of the coming baby girl and a blessed adjustment. thank you for including me in your news. love your grandparents so much and love you all, too. Joanne Coker

  5. Ashley. When I heard there was a baby girl coming in i got very happy for you, Michael and the boys. Wish you were here in Brazil so that you could visit us any time soon. God bless you. Take care and thanks for the xmas card (which happened to reach us some time ago due to our local mail). Xoxo

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