It’s Wedding Season!

I’m not sure what season everyone else is in, but for the Harpers, it’s officially Wedding Season.  Last weekend Michael traveled to NY to celebrate his good friend from Boston College, Dan Ferguson, marry Christine Burke.  Congratulations Dan & Christine!!

Tomorrow I am heading to North Carolina to celebrate my sweet friend from Wofford, Elizabeth Frazier, as she marries fellow Wofford alum Jason O’Quinn.  Woohooo!

This Friday while I’m in North Carolina, Michael will be attending the wedding of Christie Miranda & Troy Bienemann, two San Francisco friends who have quickly become very dear to both of us.  I’ll miss you guys — know it will be a fabulous wedding!!!

Also getting married this weekend are two of my coworkers — Devon O’Donnell and Mark Chu Cheong.  But not to each other.  🙂  Congrats to both beautiful couples!

Then, next weekend, Michael and I will both head to Chicago for Mark Norcini & Elise Linden’s wedding!  Mark is another very close friend of Michael’s from Boston College.

Whew!  I’m exhausted AND excited just thinking about it all.  We are so blessed to have so many friends who have such wonderful things happening in their lives — I love love.  🙂  Expect lots of fun photos and posts to come!


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