Announcing… Augusta Clare Zais!

Beautiful Augusta Clare was born happy and healthy at 10:13am on Friday, October 14th — 5lbs, 10oz and 19.5 inches long.  Augusta was Suzanne’s great grandmother’s name and her great great grandmother’s name.  Clare is my grandmother’s name.  Beautiful, southern, classy and meaningful.  🙂

After a tough couple of weeks for Suzanne, they performed an emergency c-section Friday morning.  The original due date was November 3rd so although it was a little early, the baby was ready and she has been doing just wonderfully.  Suzanne is taking her time recovering but has already been an absolutely fabulous mom and my big brother Brad has just been the most incredible dad and husband, taking care of everyone.

So excited to be an aunt, so proud of Brad and Suzanne, and DYING to meet my adorable niece!!  I’ll be there soon!


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