Trigger Pullers

There are many great adjectives and descriptors that come to mind when I think of my in-laws (warm, loving, kind, ambitious, fabulous!), but at the top of the list is “trigger-pullers.”  They are amazing when it comes to making game-time decisions and showing up!

I have mentioned it before, but Jardiniere is a very special restaurant to Michael and me.  It’s situated in his old neighborhood, Hayes Valley, and it is where he took me the night we got engaged (which actually happens to be 2 years ago today!).  One year later we returned to celebrate our “1 year engagement-versary,” slash, a good excuse to get dressed up and have fun.  When my parents were visiting we knew that we wanted to take them there, and same for my grandparents’ visit.  Then suddenly it dawned on Michael and me that although his parents have been able to visit San Francisco more frequently, we had never taken them there.  With our move to Brazil now set for the end of the year, time was running out.  So.  Michael and I invited his parents to visit us again…for dinner.  🙂  They were so awesome about it and quickly picked a date and bought flights.  They were in San Francisco for less than 24 hours but we had an amazing time and a very memorable night celebrating at Jardiniere.

11/06/11 - Notice the Michael & Ashley "campaign buttons" Ollie & Sharon are wearing -- swag from one of our Engagement parties!

And here are some of our other favorite memories from Jardiniere…

11/14/09 - Just hours after getting engaged : )

04/26/11 - Momma & Daddy Zais visiting SF

10/14/11 - Nanny & Papa Fincher's recent SF visit

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