Congratulations Erin & Pat!

Two of Michael’s great friends who he grew up with in Phoenix got married last weekend (Nov 12) in San Francisco (very convenient for us!).  Erin and Pat are an absolutely beautiful couple and they had a sweet ceremony at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral followed by a FUN reception at the Westin St. Francis complete with 360 degree views of San Francisco, stick-on mustaches for everyone and a “Which Table is the Best” competition that sprung up organically after our table, The Amazing Table 2, performed an unforgettable, impromptu, magical act in the middle of the dance floor during dinner.  It’s difficult to put Table 2’s performance into words, but I will say it included a very cute baby wearing a sweater-vest and a stick-on mustache being raised up (think “The Lion King”) from the center of a circle of Table 2’ers to cheers from the crowd who couldn’t believe their eyes.  After our ground-breaking act, other tables quickly tried to pull something together.  There turned out to be quite the variety of “performances” but the only one that really fell flat was the group of guys who chose to sit Erin in the middle of the room and, while on bended knee, serenade her with the tune, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.”  They really underestimated how slow and drawn out that song is…

All that’s to say, we had an awesome weekend celebrating Erin & Pat.  Here’s to a long and happy marriage and lots of fun times ahead!

Table 2, what up?


All the boys and the beautiful bride


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