The Capitol City

As our move to Brazil is quickly approaching, Michael and I are realizing that there are many friends (and family members) who we will likely not be able to see for a few years.  To prepare for this, we are soaking up all the time we can get with those whom we love.

I happen to still have many dear friends in Washington, DC, so before the move I wanted to make a trip to see a few people.  It just so happened that Michael also needed to come out to DC for a few days for work, so we were able to make the trip together.  DC is where Michael and I first met and fell in love, so it always feels special to return together.  In a sense it feels a little like coming home for both of us.

It was a quick trip but I was blessed to see former roommates, friends from church, and I even got to stop by my old office to say hello to some former coworkers!

Friday night dinner at Cava with my two former roommates & their awesome boyfriends:

Me & Michael

Emily & Kern

Laine & Jake

Saturday brunch at Eastern Market with some friends from church.

Me, Michael, Paige, Jessica, TJ, Allison, Nathan & Alex!

Michael stayed an extra night to see some of his law school classmates but I headed straight to South Carolina for an extended Thanksgiving visit with my family & Michael will meet us here Thursday morning.  More on the SC visit soon!


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