Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

After getting our Visas and running final errands, Michael and I arrived at SFO…4 hours early.  On purpose.  You have to understand that after being delayed time after time, when it seemed within reach, all we wanted to do was get to the airport, get checked in, and go.

Cheers! Taking off in first class (thank you Jones Day!)

We flew through Miami into Sao Paulo.  The first flight was 5 hours and the second was 8.  It’s all kind of a blur of sleeping, movies, not really sleeping, eating… but all that mattered to us is that we made it, safe and sound.  We landed on Wednesday at around 8pm, went through customs, no problem, and then braved the madness of getting our 5 checked bags.

Michael swimming through the masses. 2 points if you can find him. Hint - all you can really see is his black backpack.

Thankfully all of them made it and we were promptly met by our driver, Alsindo, who took us to our new pad.  We are staying in a “residence” which is basically a furnished apartment that functions like an extended stay hotel.  (Note – this is a different place than I previously posted so check it out!)  It’s pretty compact, but perfect for us right now.  When we arrived they had a nice little welcome basket waiting for us that contained: a bottle of pinot, a box of milk (no need to refrigerate this 3.5% box of leite), a huge bar of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, instant coffee, and a box of tea.  ha.

Arriving at our new (temporary) home after many hours of traveling

We tried to get mostly unpacked and settled in, then headed out to a neighborhood lanchonete (pronounced lan-cho-neh-chee) to pick up some bottles of water.  Lanchonetes are these awesome little neighborhood restaurants that are everywhere.  They are usually partially exposed to the outdoors and serve basic meals (sandwiches, salads, beer, chicken, rice, beans, etc.).  Anyway, after that it was around midnight so, we turned on a little Big Bang Theory (yes, it’s always on here too) and then crashed.

This morning we woke up and couldn’t believe that we were here.  We spent the day walking around our neighborhood and doing our first grocery store run.

Morning coffee & breakfast in the neighborhood .

Michael loves Brazil's pão de queijo. (cheese bread) They have it everywhere!

Stopping by Michael's brother, Joe's, office building!

Lunch at a lanchonete

It is hot but gorgeous outside.  The streets are buzzing, full of people running around.   And Michael and I could not be happier to be here.  We are on cloud 9.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

  1. This is just great and we love seeing the photos and hearing about your first impressions. I am exicted to visit you soo!!! Love, Mom

  2. Any chance we can get any photos of Michael with his shirt off? The man has the body of a statue…

    Hope you guys are having a blast down there…

    -Anonymous Bedroom B Resident

  3. Woo hoo! What a grand entrance and first day in Sao Paulo! You would never know of the waiting and flying “ordeal” you just went through. You and Michael look great – as usual! We look forward to your next report!!

  4. Umm… A tad jealous at the welcome you received in Sao Paulo. How fabulous! Glad you are safe and sound. Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be back soon to celebrate. Plan on the 25th. 🙂

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