Feijoada anyone?

Since we landed in São Paulo, Michael and I have been loving every second, walking around and getting a feel for this new city that we call home.  We have explored a lot of our neighborhood (Itiam Bibi), but on Saturday we saw lots more of the city with new friends Paige & Trent!

Paige and Trent actually first met Michael’s brother, Joe, while vacationing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  They lost touch but later ran into each other on the streets of São Paulo.  As it turns out, Trent and Joe work very near each other here.  (Such a small world!)  Anyway, long story short, Joe spent some time with them and thought that we would get along so he connected us a few weeks ago and we set a date to get together on Saturday.  Paige and Trent are both from Oklahoma and their southern hospitality was in full force as they picked Michael and me up at our apartment and commenced to take us on a fabulous driving-tour of the city.  It was great to hear their stories of living in São Paulo and see more of the city.  After the tour we went for a traditional Brazilian lunch of Feijoada and Caipirinhas at a fabulous restaurant, Bar des Arts.

Paige, me, Michael, Trent -- enjoying feijoada and caipirinhas!

Feijoada is basically a stew of black beans with different cuts of beef or pork.  At this particular restaurant they served many different variations of meat that you could choose from.  One of the options was “Pig’s Ear.”  We tried it…kind of a one-time thing…


After a long and luxurious lunch, Paige & Trent took us by their apartment to have a cup of coffee and review our day’s travels on a map.  They live in a neighborhood called Alto de Pinheros and their apartment has the most amazing views, overlooking a beautiful park and the city.  It was incredible.

View from their balcony - amazing!

And, the hospitality didn’t stop there.  Today, they picked us up and took us to their church with them.  So kind and welcoming.  Thanks Paige & Trent for an amazing first weekend in SP!

5 thoughts on “Feijoada anyone?

  1. Wonderful. We looked up Sao Paulo on the Wikileaks and was amazed to learn that it is the 2nd largest city in the Americas. NYC must be first. There were tons of info on the city – has more Italians than any other group. Looks like you two have landed in a very vibrant city. Love to you!!! N&P

  2. Tom, NYC is actually third – Mexico City is first. That’s in terms of population size anyway.

    Ashley, about the pig’s ear, you probably don’t want to eat it. A lot of Brazilians don’t either. But they say it’s better if the feijoada is prepared with all the odd bits because it adds more flavor and consistency to the sauce. Just leave it to the side when serving.

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