Can You Feel the Love Tonight

I want start by CONGRATULATING the newly engaged couple, Julie Foley and Sebastian Palmer!  Seb and Michael grew up together in Phoenix, and their families are long-time dear friends.  Lucky for us, Seb’s grad school was taking a trip to Brazil last week, so he brought along his girlfriend, took her to Iguazu Falls and got engaged!  Then they returned to SP and stayed with Michael and me for a few extra days at the end of their trip.  It was so wonderful to get to spend that time with them and show off our new city!  Here is a glimpse of the fun we had…

"Welcome to Brazil" at Vaca Veia! Julie, Seb, me, Michael and Joe

Seb getting after his sake-box at sushi. They like to pour the sake into a box and then overflow it into a little plate. Makes it reeeeeally easy to drink.

Out on the town for one of Michael's coworker's birthday celebrations!

Hotel Unique


Great caipirinhas and amazing views!

Lobby of Hotel Unique.

The happy couple! Boys' favorite meal, at Salve Jorge. A griddle full of meats.

We had a pretty big night that ended in a broken chair

and a broken Luis Gonzalez bobble head...

Seb & Julie – it was so great having you!  Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes on all of the fun you have ahead.  🙂

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