FAQ: Brazilian Fashion

Question:  Brazilian Fashion?

Short Answer: More is More.

Long Answer:  Unless you’re talking about swimsuit material, Brazilians seem to think more is more when it comes to fashion.  The style is to look “done up” all the time.  Heels, tight jeans, tight tops, nails done, lipstick on, hair dyed…  This might sound good but unfortunately I think that usually it’s a total bust.  Lots of effort, little execution.

Moreover, it is weird for me to come from a place like SF where the trendiest thing to wear to the grocery store was your LuluLemon workout clothes, a messy poney, and a NorthFace fleece.  Here, people just don’t walk around in workout gear unless they are *gasp* literally working out.  Well shoot – if I did that I would never get to wear the stuff!

Also, even though the annual rainfall here is incredibly high, they don’t believe in RAINBOOTS.  Apparently these are only reserved for the GUTTER CLEANERS.  Well, I think my Hunter boots are cool no matter what country I’m in, and what’s more, when it rains more here than in Seattle, they are super practical.  I get weird looks EVERY time I wear them but I just smile right back because I’m the one who is DRY.  aka SMART.

16 thoughts on “FAQ: Brazilian Fashion

  1. After living here for several months, I have completely given up trying to look Brasilian. Hunters are the perfect example. We live in a country that has a RAINY SEASON. Rainboots make sense people!

    • If only things were that simple. To paraphrase one of my favorite bloggers, a nightclub that’s clean, quiet, brightly lit, with lots of places to sit down, plenty of bartenders, and easy-to-find bathrooms also “makes sense” but would you really want to go to place like that? 🙂

      • Don’t get me wrong, I place value on good ambiance… but the grandma in me thinks the place you just described sounds mighty nice. 🙂

      • Me too, I like a good quiet bar where you sit down and chat to friends over a nice drink with sensible music in the background. But I seem to remember liking rock concerts and all night long partying. Who knows? It was so long ago… 🙂

  2. Great post, Ashley! You hit the nail on the head. The no workout wear in the streets (unless your bumbum is covered by a sweatshirt) was a strange one for me too at first.

  3. Very funny. Now to Andrew’s description of that bar. If only there were lots of places like that! At my age, I especially like the “easy-to-find bathrooms.” lol

    • Hey, I’m starting to think there’s a gap in the market for untrendy but comfortable bars that someone should exploit.

  4. I love keeping up with you through your blog. I especially enjoyed the kitchen cabinet episode!! So glad you all are getting home for a few days! Have a safe trip!

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