FAQ: SP Weather

Question:  What is the weather like in São Paulo?  

Short Answer:  Wet, but pretty good.

Long Answer:  Our seasons are on the opposite schedule from the states.  São Paulo summers are hot (90s) with tropical STORMS every afternoon (ish) that last about an hour or so.  Our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning though, so it will feel pretty hot here.  Especially for me since I usually spend a fair amount of time at home.

The winters are more “misty” with lots of light rain.  It gets down to the 50s and 60s but so far (we are currently at the US equivalent to the end of January), it is just now dropping down into the 60s.  The tricky thing about winter though is that no one has heating here so once it gets chilly, it’s hard to warm yourself up.  Thankfully I had some Swiss Miss and instant apple cider in our shipment.  🙂

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