US Whirlwind Tour: Stop 1 – BWad & Katie’s Wedding

Last Tuesday, Michael and I returned from an 11 day, whirlwind trip to the US.  We realized that, including all stops and layovers, we went from: São Paulo, Brazil –> Panama City, Panama –> Newark, NJ –> New York, NY –> Charlotte, NC –> Columbia, SC –> Charleston, SC –> Kansas City, KS –> San Diego, CA –> Los Angelas, CA –> San Salvador, El Salvador –> Bogota, Columbia –> São Paulo, Brazil.  No wonder I was jet lagged for a few days.

So, we started our visit in New Jersey to attend Bradley Walbrdige’s wedding!  BWad is a dear friend of Michael’s from Boston College.  To put it mildly, he is…full of life and personality.  🙂  We were so happy that he found his perfect match in Katie, and they threw one heck of a party to celebrate.  There is no way I will do the weekend justice, but check out some pictures of the fun below:

Rehearsal Dinner:

Hey Tim – thanks for being in the pic

Included the most over-the-top (aka amazing) cocktail hour of all time, an absolutely beautiful dinner, an amazing DJ / dance party, Karaoke after-party back at the hotel bar…it really never ended.  And who wanted it to?

Sausages, Philly cheesesteaks, fries, onion rings, milkshakes…

Handsome men

Lobster, anyone?


Still Cocktail Hour:  Michael – always bettin’ on BC!

Former roomies! Edmunds 515

ICE cold cocktails

Dinner time w/ M&M!

More of the table: Andrea, Hodge, Mark & Elise

Bride & Groom Entrance – coming in hot & ready to party

Boston College! Michael in the back, trying to show off his BC cufflinks…

nothing but love

After party karaoke w/ Moira & Margaret

My husband the singer

Thanks to Brad & Katie for having us & for hosting such an amazing weekend!!  Lots of love & joy to you both!

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