US Whirlwind Tour: Stop 2 – South Carolina!

Stop #2 of our trip back to the US was my sweet homestate of South Carolina.  We arrived at my parents’ house Sunday night just in time to enjoy one of Michael’s and my favorite home-cooked meals (poppyseed chicken – shout out Mere!) and The Bachelorette finale — LIVE.  Now, this may sound bad to those of you out there who don’t know how to appreciate the amazingness and glory of The Bachelorette (Laine Evans – I saw your Twitter status the night of the finale!), but this was truly a highlight of the trip for me.  Maybe THE highlight of the trip.  OK, maybe that is an exaggeration.  MAYBE.  Anyway, after struggling under the harsh conditions in São Paulo where I have to wait until Tuesday for The Bachette to be available on iTunes, it was amazing to be able to watch it in real time.  Especially since this was the finale.  I am so happy that Emily picked Jef and I am SURE that they will live happily ever after (and have the best looking children of all time).

Speaking of adorable babies, the true highlight of South Carolina was spending time with Augusta Clare!  Although Brad was sick with a double ear infection, Suzanne was so awesome and came to Columbia to let Michael and me hang out with her and Augusta Clare. Michael hadn’t seen AC since Thanksgiving and couldn’t believe how much she had changed.  She was crawling around, pulling up on furniture, laughing and squealing…lots of fun!

Augusta Clare loves Uncle Michael!

On Monday we went to my grandparents’ house in Chapin.  They live on a beautiful lake and growing up, my brother and I used to spend summers there.  It is truly one of my favorite places on earth.  While we were there, we had delicious meal of BBQ, hash, green beans, coleslaw, boiled peanuts and homemade peach ice cream (thanks Aunt Sheryl!!) which I think is my absolute favorite food on earth.  It was a beautiful day so we also swam and rode jet-skis on the lake.  All with my sweet family.  A little piece of heaven… 

Augusta Clare eating lunch in our old high-chair

Don’t both Augusta Clare and I look so comfortable and natural?  I’m so great with babies.

Tuesday was filled with even more family.  My parents had my relatives who live in the Columbia area over for drinks and I think there ended up being 27 of us in total.  I absolutely loved it.  

AC with Gigi!

Siblings! Papa, Great Aunt Sister and Great Uncle Bill

Me and AC with sweet Margaret

AC loved her cousin, Jack

Dad, very calmly and seriously, teaching Augusta Clare to read.  I have to say, she seems pretty focused…

AC & Aunt Sheryl!

We love you, Nanny and Papa!

Love my sweet, beautiful parents!

Wednesday morning, Michael and I packed up with Suzanne and Augusta Clare and headed to Charleston where we were happy we got to see Brad who was recovering from feeling sick.  After catching up a bit, Brad drove us to the airport.

So proud of AC’s sweet dad, my big brother Brad!

Thanks to my sweet family for hosting us and making every moment so incredibly special.  Spending that time with all of you was priceless.

3 thoughts on “US Whirlwind Tour: Stop 2 – South Carolina!

  1. “Don’t both Augusta Clare and I look so comfortable and natural? I’m so great with babies.”

    Ha. I couldn’t see the picture at first and was wondering what this was all about. You are adorable and should probably start making beautiful babies immediately.

  2. It was SO great having you and Michael home–thank you so much for coming to SC between your two wedding weekends!! Missing you both already!
    PS Love all your awkwardness around babies and sports! 🙂

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