US Whirlwind Tour: Stop 3 – Christy & TJ’s Wedding

From South Carolina, Michael and I made our way to the beautiful island of Coronado, off the coast of San Diego, for Michael’s oldest sister – Christy – and TJ’s wedding.

But first, let me back up a little bit…to December 2010.  Michael and I were in Phoenix for Christmas.  Christy was single and ready to mingle.  So, in the most tactful way possible, I tried to encourage her to get on as a way to meet new people.  One month later, Michael & I received the following email from Christy, “So I thought about what Ashley said and bit the bullet and went on I now have a couple dates lined up….if this fails I am hunting u down.”  Thankfully for me, Christy and TJ, this did NOT fail and she met the love of her life.  🙂
**Apologies if you heard this story at their wedding, but it’s the closest thing I have to a matchmaking success, so I want to take full credit.**

Anyway, ever since Christy was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to get married on the beach in Coronado.  In fact, I think she says that she has had the whole thing planned since she was about 12 (which actually proved to be quite helpful since Christy and TJ were only engaged for 7 months and didn’t have a ton of time to plan).

Last Christmas, Christy & TJ handed out cards to all of the kids asking us to be in their wedding.  I was so honored to be a bridesmaid, Shannon & Lise were co-maids of honor, Joe was a groomsman and played music at the ceremony, and Michael was the OFFICIANT!  A major honor with a lot of pressure!  But he did an absolutely beautiful job.  The entire weekend was spectacular, so let me get to it!

Wednesday night out:

Family dinner at the Brig!

Thursday, Rehearsal Dinner:

Rehearsal Dinner at Il Fornaio!

Friday, Wedding Day:

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet – I love that Christy chose to use the same family brooch on her bouquet that I had on mine when Michael & I got married!

straight gorge. as in, gorgeous.

photo opp with the hot wedding officiant

Parents of the bride looking quite dapper! Side Note: Sharon bought her FAB dress at Gloria Coelho in Brazil!

With the beautiful bride!

Sweet moment. Sharon getting seated by her two, handsome boys.

Here comes the bride! And her proud daddy…

Michael the officiant!

Ty, the ring bearer.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Harp! (yes – Christy only needed to drop the “er” from her last name)

The Harpers love the “crazy” shot. Although Sharon seems to have missed the memo. 😉

Dinner Time!  Reception at the Loews.

A very lovely toast from Ollie.

Wedding cake with two HARPs on top.

Two of my fav girls! Elizabeth & Shannon

Party time – Ashley & Joe

I just love this one. Sharon & Father Eddie Reese on the dance floor!

Wishing you a lifetime of love & joy, Christy & TJ!!

6 thoughts on “US Whirlwind Tour: Stop 3 – Christy & TJ’s Wedding

  1. Lovely blog, Ashley, of a lovely beginning to TJ and Christy’s future together. Glad you didn’t have to go into hiding over 🙂
    Shelley, Scott and Kids
    P.S. Bringing you armament for next family meeting, any requests?!

  2. This is the best. Such Fun was had by all – at least eveyone I spoke with before, during and after – actually quite a few. Thank you for putting this together and sharing with all of us.
    Such a truly amazing family. Love and Hugs to all – I know that will take a while so enjoy.
    xoxoxox Patsy & George

    • Dear Tom,The special brooch belong to my dear mother, Kathleen. And, Ashley had it with her, on her bouquet, at her wedding too!!!

  3. Ashley, a great summary of a wonderful wedding weekend! We had so much fun. I hope they plan a first anniversary party because we’d be THERE! Great to catch up with you and Michael. Xxoo

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