Apartment Tour: “Office”

So, I think it’s pretty clear why “office” is in quotation marks.  It’s obviously not a real office.  It’s a wall in between the door into our apartment and our living room with a desk and mini filing cabinet.  And while I dream about having an office like this one day, this is my office for now.  🙂

a little OCD…  does anyone else do this or am I the only crazy one???Some credits:
Stationary: Gadabout (displayed in an antique toast holder!)
Monogrammed Mug: Gift from my sweet friend, Christie Bienemann, from Anthropology
Desk: Pottery Barn
Cow Hide Rug: Wedding gift from Eric Chamberlin – purchased in Argentina!

Things I still want to do in here:
1) Since this is connected to the living room, I would love to paint the entire room a pale gray to give it a little more character / definition.
2) Originally I thought I would make the space above the desk a little gallery-wall of sorts but since the space is generally so small I have tended towards less-is-more.  Sometimes I think it looks too plain but I think that painting the walls might be just what it needs…

*** Any Ideas or Suggestions are Welcome! ***

4 thoughts on “Apartment Tour: “Office”

  1. Love this! Again, I like the idea of gray paint. Here is a link to some gallery wall inspirations: http://annbeckphotography.com/newblog/on-display-wall-gallery-inspiration/. I think you would like it–I always find that I am inspired to sit at my desk when I have “happy” things to look at.

    I’m obsessed with your filing cabinet organization.

    Another idea: what about a small plant in a cute pot? You could even paint a cheap pot and make it look great. I love what live, green color does for a space!!!

    • Agreed about getting some flowers or succulents or something LIVE. The only problem is that I can seriously kill a cactus. I am the worst with plants. That’s sort of why I chose a big floral print so that I could pretend that I was surrounded by pink peonies. 🙂 But even if it was in the living or dining room – it would brighten things up for sure.

    • Wow I have never seen those – they are super inspirational! I had only BRIEFLY thought about painting it, but never anything too serious. But now you’re really making me think… hmmmmm….

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