Countryside Getaway

Last weekend there was yet another glorious Brazilian holiday.  I’m not exactly sure what this holiday is for but I have heard rumblings that it is in celebration of the Virgin Mary as the Patron Saint of Brazil, whatever that means.  Regardless, for me, it was a sweet escape from the city to spend a weekend laying in hammocks, eating amazing food, snuggling with puppies and hanging out with friends.

One of our friends down here has been working tirelessly updating, renovating, furnishing and building on an incredible property in the countryside of São Paulo.  His family purchased a gorgeous estate and he has been working hard to make it absolutely out-of-this-world.  Because it is a personal property I don’t want to overshare photos of every single room, but trust me…it was unreal.  Michael and I both said that we had never been anywhere like it.

Here are some snapshots of the weekend that included 14 friends, lots of incredible home-cooking, a boys’ golfing trip, silly pool-games, little hikes around the property, and lots of lazy fun.

The most epic breakfast sandwiches (thank you Trent) at the most epic table (thank you Kenneth)

Relaxation is spelled H-A-M-M-O-C-K.


So many animals!

Hiking scenery.

The perfect knife + the perfect toss = the perfect slice.

Paige, aka Master Chef, with quite the braid of mozzarella.

The kitchen is always the gathering spot.

Homemade brick oven pizzas!

In the breakfast nook.

Brian crushing his first experience getting iced.

Michael’s golf swing — also known as silkybutterysmooth.

And tell me.  What could possibly be better than ending the weekend with a bunch of brand new, cuddly PUPPIES?!?!

So much love!

Shivers, the runt! Our fav.

**Photo credits to Divya & Paige!  Thanks girls!**

2 thoughts on “Countryside Getaway

  1. A few thoughts:

    -Love hammocks!
    -I love that old knotty tree!
    -I need some of that pizza and mozzarella!
    -Glad to know they ice people in Brazil 😉
    -The puppies. I die. They are adorable! You should totally take Shivers home with you.

    I’m glad y’all have a fun group of folks to hang with–makes everything more exciting! Love to both of you!

  2. What a wonderful and memorable adventure!!! I love all of the photos but the one with the horse in front of the Flame Tree is spectacular. And…the cooking And….the hammocks And….the scenery!!!!!!!
    Why didn’t you come home with the little runt. He wanted to come home with you!!! xoxoxoxo Mama

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