Desperate Times

Call for desperate measures.

Not sure if you’re aware, but last night was kiiiind of a major night in television for the Harpers.  First, we had the Giants playing, at home, in Game 7 of the National League Championship (where our old apartment building was frequently featured on TV!) AND the final presidential debate.  Currently, Brazil is 2 hours ahead of EST which meant that the debate was on from 11-12:30.  Although our preferred bedtime is more like… 10:30 (don’t judge) we persevered.

Just as the Giants locked up the win to head to the WORLD SERIES! (woop woop) and we turned our attention 100% to the debate, our TV and internet inexplicably stopped working.  We freaked out.  We were frantically unplugging, replugging, pressing buttons… to no avail.  Foiled again by this crazy country!!  

Thankfully we have friends down here – Trent & Paige – who we knew were also watching the debate.  They actually don’t even own a TV (which is totally ridiculous but not totally relevant at this point) but they were watching it through YouTube.  So, we called them and listened to the last 40 minutes of the debate through speakerphone.  People.  THIS is how dedicated we are. 

4 thoughts on “Desperate Times

  1. This is pretty funny… I have to say, you are MUCH more dedicated than I am. As much as I desired to watch the debates, my 8pm bedtime did NOT allow it.

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